Smart Office Example: Doorbird integration with Home Assistant

how do you like the Iiyama T2454MSC ? Awesome project.

So far it’s working great. Can’t say it’s getting as much use as I’d hoped but it sure works with a pi as a kiosk station.

My plan was to buy one and use it as a central home display for HA. I have a downstairs camera and one on the upstairs front door from the apartment. Most tablets are to small so the 24" would be awesome. Do you find the touch to be good enough for the purpose of a HA dashboard of some kind?

To create (maybe) even more confusion, you can have a look at another SIP (voice and video), HA, doorbell integration And AFAIK, the Grandstream GDS3710 I am using is cheaper than the doorbird… More food for thought :slight_smile:

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The touch function is just as good as on any tablet though you may want to think about aesthetics of how to integrate the look of a 24" screen into your home. It’s ok in a big office. Another headache you’ll have is managing the lovelace views. The defaults can cram a lot on a full hd screen and you better test that out first.

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I have a 24" non touchscreen already set up with HA as just an information screen. Ill thnk about it, thank you.

Superb! it worked for my own automation Thanks for sharing ! Would be nice if the home assistant app on your phone would popup in the right tab if someone rings the phone. Is that possible ?

Hey there, any possibility to have the two ways audio on a tablet without using the doorbird app ? I have the live video, all events and switch but I would like to speak to my guest with the tablet :slight_smile:

Any chance ?

Thank you !

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Only if you figure out how to integrate a SIP client into that tablet. That should be possible but it isn’t part of what’s possible with HA right now.

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Hi, I have configured the doorbird with the following info:

- host: IPHost
username: xxxxx
password: yyyy
token: Portero Casa
hass_url_override: HassIP
name: porton
- button
- doorbell

When restarting the HA it creates two HTTP(S) calls in the Doorbird app but if I go to my laptop and fire any of them the answer is: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Can anybody tell me why? I’m trying to fire an automation that will say through Alexa that someone is ringing with this code:

  • alias: Doorbell Ring
    platform: event
    event_type: doorbird_doorbell_porton_button
    • service: notify.alexa_media
      - media_player.echo_plus_de_nacho
      type: tts
      #method: all
      message: Alguien llama a la puerta

If anybody can help me I’ll really appreciate.

Have you ever gotten the picture-entity or anything like it to show the live feed rather than a static image?