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Smartthings Integration Error - Unable to setup the SmartApp. Please try again


Just to add to the previous info, I activated the debug option and it the live log at the ST graph page, it shows:

And, the log at HA shows


just to add a little more insight,

I had an issue last week with my home assistant integration so I had to delete it from HA, here’s what I learned.

  1. delete the integration using the configuration>Integrations tool
  2. remove any orphaned entities using the configuration>entity registry tool
  3. use the hass-smartthings-remove tool to remove the home assistant app from SmartThings.
  4. reboot Home Assistant and go get a soda
    I am now using Nabu Casa to facilitate this integration and when you get this all set up and working Nabu Casa sets a Web hook. You can see the Web hook in the configuration>Home Assistant Cloud tool at the bottom of the page. Sometimes it takes a reboot to clear the web hook some times it just takes time. The web hook is automatic and cant be manually removed. It will eventually clear, for me this took 10 minutes.
  5. Follow the instructions to setup the integration
  6. When it got to the part where you add the app in the SmathThings app, turn off wifi on your phone. this allowed me to install the app and change the name for the installed app without any errors. this is very important! you need it to go in with no errors. There may be a need to toggle 4g off and stay on wifi. everyone has a slightly different situation. the removal tool does work!

one other thing… I built a vm especially for the removal tool running plain-Jane no GUI Debian with all the python prerequisites.

Good Luck

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TKS A LOT!! It was a matter of time only. I did everything again as you suggested, waiting long times between steps and everything is working again!!!

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that’s great to hear!


Having a related issue, I had this Smartthings integration working fine for a while but have had to start my HASSIO setup from scratch so I am going through this setup process again.

Of course, I can’t find my original Personal Access Token, so I created a new one to run through the setup, when I enter it into the smartthings setup, it takes it and tells me to add the SmartApp and come back and press submit, however when I go into the Smartthings app and try to add the SmartApp there is nothing there to add?

I don’t get an error from Home Assistant, but when I go back and just click Submit, it says please ensure you have installed and authorized the SmartApp, but there is no smartapp to install? I also don’t see an orphaned smartapp in my Smartthings, but can’t figure out how to get it to let me add the smartapp?


Update - I got it working. I had to delete the existing token in smartthings and just create a new one, then it let me add the smartapp