Smartthings SetUp

I really want to like Home Assistant.
However, without Smartthing integration, I will soon be giving up.

I cannot get the integration to work.
I think now I have the issue of phantom smartthings installs, which I am unable to remove.

Can anyone help me out? Where to go?

Just ditch smart things and use home assistant.

Sure. But there are a number of integrations that are not available on home assistant. Leviton. Weiser locks.

So don’t buy them.

Fresh install? Read the docs? Search the forums?

Personally been using SmartThings and HA since .86 successfully. Upgraded to the new direct integration method a few versions ago.

If you have a specific error or issue, post it. If not, vague complaints are impossible troubleshoot…

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Thanks Mark. Problem is I don’t know where to start.
Latest status: everything setup with cloud access. Just unable to load Smartthings integration. I think it has to do with orphan setups of Smartthings, which I am unable to remove.
All forum searches lead to the same two web pages: the one from home assistant telling you how to do the integration, and the one for the python removal script.

Home assistant has logs.

Also tell us exactly what you have done. Which guide did you follow? Vagueness has no place here.

Why would you get the empathetic badge?
If you don’t know what you are looking for, logs don’t help much.
Should I just apologize for reaching out and move on?

No I think you should just read this and then post