Smoke & CO Detectors

Hi @Robb,

Could you say why you went for Popp and not for example Fibaro, First Alert, Zipato or Heiman? Considering getting some ZWave CO sensors as well and not sure which to choose. The Fibaro is on sale for €75 and tempting…

Hi @hapklaar!

No specific reason. The ones I bought just did what I wanted. Other brands might do the same and maybe even better, i’ll never know.

So far one of the detectors gave me an alert (which was NOT a false positive due to steam from the shower, so the module does what it should do).

Hope this helps.

Did the alert also register in HA with sensor values? I also got me a Popp and have been testing with it (seal the device in a plastic bag and let a burning match or piece of paper extinguish in that bag to generate some CO).

The device started beeping alright, but I didn’t get a sensor report with CO ppm readings.

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I’m unfortunately unable to answer that. I didnt have the recorder component enabled for those sensors (stupid me). I noticed after the alarm went off (i wanted to check if it was turned on in hass too), but it was disabled.

I enabled them right now, whenever the alarm triggers again I will post results. What I hope for is that the alarm (that you can enable from hass itself) will also “turn on” in hass whenever the smoke detector is triggered by a real situation.

Does anyone know if a spare/extra Aico interlinked smoke alarm (or I guess ANY brand of interlinked smoke alarm) could be ‘hacked’ (modified) to talk to Home Assistant? I know with Aico you can purchase relay interfaces but I don’t have one of those and they’re pricey but I DO have a spare interlinked smoke alarm just sitting around waiting for a project…

I found this a while ago when I was going to do the same, but went with the purchased interface for safety’s sake:


Hey all, I’m a noob, so there’s a really good chance that what I’m about to suggest is dumb (and waiting for my z-wave stick to be delivered so I can start playing). Why wouldn’t one use an off the shelf interconnected smoke alarm like the Kidde i12010SCO and then add a Shelly relay to monitor the flow on the interconnected line? Shelly would be integrated into HA. I’d like to use this particular Kidde model, just have to figure out how to tie it into HA.

I did this but with a relay base that’s purpose made to go under a smoke alarm and trigger an alarm. The zwave module fit inside. Im not sure i’d be happy hard wiring into a smoke alarm, for insurance purposes if nothing else.

EDIT: just noticed I’ve already posted same thing !

Ahh, I see that now. Sorry, I think I read a fragment of the post on another site and didn’t scroll to the beginning. I think the corresponding U.S. relays are the SM120X and CO120X. How did you wire the Qubino Flush? It seems that the Kiddee relay is providing power (or no power) to the Qubino, which is opposite of its design, so I’m having trouble with how to think about that.

I just use the existing wiring to power the module and use the switch input connected to relay. I now use a Shelly 1 so use wi-fi instead of zwave.

@Robb, when one of these Popp smoke detectors / sirens is alarming, can you also turn that very alarm off in HA?

I’m new to Z-Wave: does it matter which Z-Wave stick I would use or can any be used (I’m referring to those that HA has listed here?


Yes, I can turn them on and off with a switch in HASS :slight_smile:

Thanks @Robb
I just bought one of these plus the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 - so adding was quite easy. I just discovered the smoke sensor does not have S2 security, can you confirm or am I doing something wrong? (I’m new to Z-Wave…)

I dont use security yet. still have to figure this one out tbh

Hi srk23 - this looks like a great solution… this may be a very basic question, but did you go directly from each of the relays on the Ei414, or some component to step-down the voltage in-between? I assume it gives out voltages greater than 3.3V?

Thanks in advance.

Direct from each relay to ground and an input pin on the ESP board.

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Hi - apologies for another question… on a steep learning curve… did you have any issues with fluctuating voltage? I’ve found that I’m not getting 0 volts on the normally open terminals, and so am getting sporadic alerts in HA. Did you use pull-up resistors or something to control this? I’m using an ESP8266 with esphome…

Interesting - I’ve never had that issue. Mine seems rock solid.

Is use


On the sensors but no additional resistors.

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If you have an HA interfaced alarm system with wireless , Encore makes a set of audio sensors (Firefighter series) that listen for both the smoke and CO alarms, and acts as 2 wireless sones (one for each type of alarm). I use them with my Nest protects so my Elk M1 system can know if the smoke alarms are going off and trigger a fire alarm to the alarm company.

Here is some good commentary on the device: Encore Firefighter FF345 - Smoke Detector Takeover Module for Honeywell and 2GiG Wireless Systems - Alarm Grid

Interesting… This Encore device looks just like the Ecolink ones, which also called Firefighter… Ecolink has both z-wave plus and zigbee versions.
Firefighter Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smoke/CO Audio Sensor - Ecolink (

Question, though, Ecolink (or Encore) is US-based. So if the audio listeners would listen to the alarm… Does the alarm sound the same in US and in Europe?