SNMP multiple OIDs

I’m trying to gather some information on my printers. I want to track paper out, toner low, online/offline. I have the MIB’s and am putting them into my config. What I’m wondering is do I have to have a separate platform entry for each of them, or since they are all on the same host, can I put them all on one line separated by spaces or commas, or have multiple baseoid lines?

I think they’re going to have to be separate because you’ll want to create separate sensors for each thing you’re tracking, no?

yes, I was hoping against hope that it would be intelligent enough to realize that each should be a different sensor and create them. :slight_smile:

I feel like this question was not fully answered.
Of course we want multiple sensors, but not multiple platforms!

All the sensor platforms I’m using (beside SNMP) are configured one time and get a list of names, values or types to monitor.

Values like the host should be configured one time!