So, I've done something to fully kiosk

Anyone point me on right direction, I seem to remember adding a few lines to the the raw confirmation editor…

But now can get access back to it either on wall tablet or PC

I’ve tried ?disablekm

But nothing seems to work

We need a bit more than this I’m afraid…

  • Are you talking about the Fully Kiosk browser or the integration or both?
  • What were you trying to achieve?
  • What did you do?
  • What were you expecting to happen?
  • What actually happened?
  • What is your HA setup?

Hi thanks for trying to help…

Firstly appologies I’m really new to HA after using sharp tools for years and am struggling with a lot of it, but picking up other bits quicky.

I had been trying to re design a new wall panel using HA to replace my Sharp tools one.

I’ve created a few templates using HA and input the start URL for my HA into fully kiosk (I have not done anything with the fully K kntergration yet.)

When they first would load up I was still getting the menu option on the left and the bar at the top (where you would normally hit the 3 dots to access raw config editor etc) and I wanted it full screen pannel.

I tried a few things from my basic knowledge of what I had done before (adding kiosk=true etc to the URL to see if that made any difference and it did not.

So I had a loom on here and thats where it gets a bit sketchy, I can’t for the life of me remember what I have done.

My dashboard now has no menu pannel down the left (I think I just did this is HA settings, where you can select hide the side menu)

I also have no menu at the top to access raw config etc.

Essentially it’s exactly what I want, but I can’t figure out how to get the top menu back if I need to make any changes.

I have tried adding ?disable km at the end of the dashboard URL and ?edit, these just give me the option to add / edit a card via the button on the bottom right.

I have tried to look at the show code editor lines on the cards to see if there is any code around kiosk but there is not - altho I am out something in that I found in here to hide it.

Pick one shows top menu I am talking about and trying to get back

Pick 2 shows it in another dashboard hidden and can’t get back.

It displays like this on computer as well, I seem to remember typing something in on the config editor on the tablet.

Hopefully that makes more sense and someone can help.