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Solar panel and history graphs


Currently I am using Domoticz to get info from my solar panels and power consumption. Now I have seen the power of Home Assistent, and am considering coming over. I have setup a raspberry and am running Home Assistent.
Here’s my question: In Domoticz I see nice graphs. Not very interactive, but they provide a nice view:
For me this info is valuable, and would like so see this kind of graphs in Home Assistent

I might have missed the info but I havent found info on how to do create history graphs.
Hope that there are more solar people that want to share information how to to this, if possible.



The history graph component should do what you what. I use this to get an overview of my system for the last few hours.

Also, if you have just a normal sensor with the value in a card, clicking on that should bring up more info and show a graph. Clicking on the top of that pop up next to the title will expand it to almost full screen width.



Thanks Chris.

The History Graph looks nice, but is not quite finished as I see it. Hope it evolves.
Graphs in SolarEdge monitoring website, PV output and Domoticz do provide a better understanding of the generated and consumed power.
Unfortunately my knowledge of HA is too limited (been ‘doing’ HA for a few days now) to come up with an alternative.



Limited how? I don’t have a solaredge system, so I can’t compare.

What do you want to see? I find the graphs work fine. I have them graph production, consumption, and net usage.

There is also the custom mini-graph-card. Not sure if it will help with what you are after.



With limited I mean the way the data is represented. HA focusses more on live data.
In the past I played around with DSMR Reader ( https://dsmr-reader.readthedocs.io/nl/latest/screenshots.html ). Very ‘sexy’ graphs that give a really good and in depth view of generated data. Unfortunately the product only focusses on energy consumption and generation.
I would like to have one view towards all my home stuff. The powerful HA framework probably is capable of doing these things as well. It might even do it as we speak, but I have not found it yet.
Will definately look into the mini graph.



Oeps…lovelace has vanished after the

  mode: yaml 

For me as a HA newbee…a bridge too far :thinking:



Fair enough…

This will allow you to use the file ui-Lovelace.yaml. It’s totally separate from the editor in the front end. They both save to different file.

Best way to use yaml mode would be before you do that to open the editor, go to raw mode and copy all the code then paste it into your new ui-Lovelace.yaml file. Then enable yaml mode.