Solaredge Modbus Configuration for Single Inverter and Battery

thank you so much this is exactly the info i needed

i wonder if worrying about all this is a waste of time - as the system can do this for you built in it seems. nice to have to control it

my installer may not give me password

Hi, can someone poste the template sensor to get “actual power consuption by house (realtime)”, and the “actual power auto-consuption by house (realtime)” using modbus integration? I need to recreate a more detailed graph like solaredge app.
Actually this data is only available with API, but time refresh is too high. thanks

Hey, I’m really enjoying your integration, but I’m encountering an issue with my dual inverter setup coupled with a battery. In this setup, i1 acts as the master and i2 as the slave, with the battery connected to i1. The configuration was straightforward, but I’ve noticed that whenever the battery charges or discharges, it affects the solaredge sensor reading for i1 AC power. This results in occasional negative values and even instances of apparent power generation during the night.

Does anyone have insights into how to perform calculations to mitigate the influence of the battery on the power readings? (Note: The DC power from the battery and the AC power from i1 are not exact opposites.) thanks

First question - how do you manage to achieve zero power use overnight? My setup is exactly like yours, so two inverters, with a single battery connected to I1. Any time the battery charges or discharges, it does so through I1. My I1 is an SE4000H so when charging from solar, I also get some DC from I2, which is an SE3680H. The maximum battery charge rate from solar is 5kW.

When discharging, the most I can get from the battery is 4kW (slightly less in reality).

So my trace over the same period as yours looks like this:

So, I1 always shows the house consumption overnight as it runs off the battery unless I’m grid charging the battery (as at 3am - 3:30am and 4:30am - 6am)

If you only have one battery module your max discharge is 4k… if that was a question.

Not really, and I’m not sure what that adds to the discussion and points raised by @Schockis :man_shrugging:.

I don’t have a zero power use. My base consumption is around 500W, but due to the scaling of the y-axis this appears to be almost zero (if you zoom in you can see this).
I am glad that it is normal that the battery charge graph is related to the inverter graph.
Do you also recieve sometimes a negativ house consumption?


Does anyone know where I can find the configuration for mulit Inverter? I have two inverters each with a battery.

Thanks Grave


I don’t think anyone has published a configuration for 2 inverters with a battery each. You need to exptend the configuration for 2 inverters with one battery.