Solis Inverter Modbus integration

Sorry for the slow response but I have been on holiday.

Update is every 30 seconds.

I’ll commit the code to git hub and add some instructions. Really need to create a HACS package but don’t have the time right now.

Interesting, have you got any source how to configure the “onboard wifi”?

I ran the Solis TechView apk in an Android emulator and monitored the network traffic with Wireshark.

Basically reads/writes registers in a similar way to modbus. I don’t really know modbus but the registers appear to be the same as in this document.

The code and discussion can be found here. It’s the zip file to download. Not the best use of github but it works.

I have not tested or tried setting at registers. This may or may not work.

The APK will ONLY WORK is directly connect to the WiFi access point. The default password for the direct connect is admin, admin.

On the web interface setup up the Network Setting->Network Connection 2 Setting to:
Protocol: TCP Server
Local Port: 8000 ← this is what is used by the integration.

Passwords for APK:
advanced user: solis123456
installer: solis123


My source code would include the reading of most of the relevant values because I have used that document to write my source code.

I don’t really understand how to turn on the wifi though.

I’m also not entirely sure if my inverter is 100% the same…

@Schorseg I would validate that you can connect with the APK first. If this works then your inverter, Solis RAI-3K-48ES-5G, supports WiFi without an WiFi addon.

I also assume, you can locally log into your inverter.

Does anyone know what combination of settings might give me the following 2 behaviours?

Charge from solar: charge the battery from any excess solar but don’t discharge it to cover loads

Discharge for loads only: cover loads with the battery but don’t charge it from any excess solar