[SOLVED] Daisy chainning/remote/slave for main HASS.IO instance - Use MQTT!

yes ideally on the remote machine I would have TWO mqtt instances. One for its own use, and one to give DATA to the main instance.

What about the SWITCH, can I control the switch on the remote, from the main instance?

Or I just forget the idea of running a HASSIO backup instance, and use the HASS-PI3 only to give zwave data to the main HASSIO-NUC and receive from HASSIO-NUC the zwave SWITCH commands (on and off).

What do you think?

EDIT basically I will use my HASS-PI3 as a ZWAVE HUB only

I would agree with silvrr - setting up two instances would cause issues and you can run them on different ports, but HASS.IO might freak out a bit if try to define two brokers on one ‘server’

Try to get one working first.

The question is, why? HASS.IO is designed to run everything on one instance, and MQTT sensors can just feed into it - whether the sensor is a zwave motion sensor or another instance of HASS.IO on a zero pushing MQTT data to the main instance.

Any reason you are running a separate instance for zwave?

I will put the HASS (or HASSIO) PI3 with zwave stick in a place for maximum coverage

Would it be possible to place your NUC in the same spot?

Or if you have range issues, I installed on of these, simple and works really well. Cheaper than the Pi (unless you already have it)

I agree, just buy the extender or flood the place with other Z-Wave devices to take advantage of the mesh network Z-Wave devices provide - the more Z-Wave devices you have, the stronger the Z-Wave network gets! That leaves your NUC/Z-Wave controller as a single entry into the Z-Wave network, and less to go wrong.

Yes, I always forget powered devices are repeaters too. Thanks @Creagan. I only have battery powered sensors right now so I forget this option.

i have it …

I might go this way, since you don’t want to help me with my 2 instances (:stuck_out_tongue:) … but I must say this zwave mesh is not so good