Some problems

It’s been 2 weeks since I installed HASS on a synology 218+, via the package. I could find a lot of things (ikea tradfri, harmony hub, apple device except apple tv 4gen), I was able to do scripting and automation: big thanks to the tutorials, forum and others. But despite everything there are things wrong and I can’t find a solution, even with reading the forums (but maybe I don’t read the good ones?). So here are my unsolved problems:

1: I have an rfxcom system (433), even by following the links on the site, it is not resumed. Yet following either

  • supervisor ==> systen ==> hard, I have this: / dev / serial / by-id / usb-RFXCOM_RFXtrx433_A11AB3FH-if00-port0
  • and with “lsusb” in a treminal I have: Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0403: 6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 USB-Serial (UART) IC

2: I would like to change the theme, again following the information: replace:

themes:! include themes.yaml

primary-color: pink
primary-color: blue
(while writing this message I answered another question concerning “customize.yaml” which did not work; a error in writing.)
But, I lost in the dashboard the configuration, log, history menu. How to make it reappear? I have in the configurations.yaml file: “hassio:” as indicated in another message from the forum) .

I have an account on weatherunderground, or my data from my weather station sent, I would like to be able to recover it. I followed the information as here: https: // but here too problem. (I use domoticz, with the same API key and it works)

Here is if there is “a good soul” to guide me, a big thank you

I know, there are many “good souls” here in this very forum, but I have to admit, I read your post a few times, nonetheless, I have not really a clue, what you are asking, sorry! :slight_smile:

Check out this thread: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

Please be so kind, and go through your post and try to give that a little order, so others can actually help. I can’t promise I can help, but I, as many, many others here, will try their best to help you out. :slight_smile: But they need to understand, what you’re actually asking… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Where did you read that ?



back to configuration.yaml

Oh, that’s what he’s asking? I wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years… :smiley:

Thank you, for this point, it works again. Where did I read this? By dint of having read several messages I had to make a “soup” and therefore my error. I found the menu and the themes are there.
Thanks again for the help.
remains the use of the system “rfxcom system (433)”
and find my weather data via Weatherunderground

sorry i speak french, so sorry for my language errors and inaccuracies :flushed:

rfxtrx is explained here :slight_smile:

No need to be sorry! :slight_smile: It’s just extremly difficult to answer a question, if you don’t get the question! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: And my french is more or less (def. less :rofl: ) the same as it was a few decades ago in school, you don’t want to hear or read that. At least that was one of the last things my french teacher said to me, and tbh I’m not sure, if I even got that right. :rofl: :rofl:

To come back to your question: default_config is something that works great for a start, but with system growth, it will be better, if you do your config on your own. Here is the page, where you can see, what integrations are set automatically be default_config, so it would be the same, as if you would write all these integrations one per line in your configuration.yaml. You will, most ikely, need a lot more, so it seems logic to start as soon as possible with your “defaults”.

Passez une bonne journée (I hope that’s correct :flushed:)

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I followed the instructions and for the information about the device I tried the two pieces of information:
/ dev / serial / by-id / usb-RFXCOM_RFXtrx433_A11AB3FH-if00-port0
device: / dev / ttyUSB0
debug: true
and add below: sensor:

  • platform: rfxtrx
    automatic_add: true
    But after a restart I do not discover any new element (oregon sensor)

thank you for your response and for the link.
et c’est correcte :wink: