Somos join

Im new in this application and i cant understand how it works. I want to create a button to join my sonos speakers. I have created a script in scripts.yaml

  alias: "Grupper alle Sonos"
  - service: media_player.sonos_join
          - media_player.sonos_alrum

But i dont know if it is ok. Whats next? or how can i create the button?
Just to test i have created a new entity I can see like a card in the home panel

  - entity: script.1577020468673
title: join_all_sonos

Where is my fail? or what i cant understand? All help is wellcome :slight_smile:

Please read the posting guidelines.

Step 11 shows you how to properly format code so other users can help. Thanks.

Its working now :slight_smile:

has anybody found out how to replicate the Sonos play/pause join functionality? Basically I want a service that allows me to join a specific speaker to the currently playing device.

I do not want to specify the master. I just want a speaker to join the currently set master (or the first if there’s multiples)