Sonof ZBMini-L2 UK 2 Way Switch Wiring


So i have a really old house, and the 2 way switching is like this.

Now if i have an external 230v feed at switch 2, then the wiring is easy. But i don’t and have no way without chasing the wall of getting one there.

I would need to wire it up in switch 1.

Has anyone solved this kinda quandry?

Can you fit it at the light fitting ? You’ll have live, neutral and switched there ?

Fit the module above a ceiling rose in the ceiling void - which should be in an enclosure to avoid any single insulated cables for BS7671.

One method is to use a hole drill smaller than the distance between the typical two mounting screws to enlarge the existing cable hole (safely isolate, tape the wires together, push up into the void, hole drill, pull back, fit module through the hole, refit rose).

Ignore the 2-way switching complication - the module doesn’t care as it just sees a normal latching switch input like any other (that is without long-press dimming which needs a parallel rewire and MK momentary switches - but not typical on a stairway).

Not a big fan of maintenance free boxes everywhere, might have space in the rose, it’s a larger than normal fitting.

Cheers will give it a bash tonight.

You can avoid adding new cable by replacing current switch with momentary type

I think I’m gonna have to replace the switches

No normal ceiling rose, just two live wires ( one from each switch ) and a neutral.

Guessing there is a junction box under the upstairs floor somewhere.