Sonoff Alternatives?

Your post has intrigued me! Are you saying you have a Sonoff in series between a switch and a lamp, using GPIO14 connected to ground to detect when the switch is on or off?

If it works then this is my perfect solution.

Hi Gr1nch,

I have the Sonoff in series between the mains and the light. I then have ground coming from the sonoff 3.3v side into the physical light switch, and i have the GPIO14 coming from the Sonoff 3.3v side going to the other side of the switch.

In Tasmota firmware you can configure what pin is used as your switch, and you can also configure how the relay should behave when you switch it. My switches have a state “on” and “off” because they are just the old style light switches. So I have told Tasmota to toggle the relay whenever the switch changes state.

This means that when I turn the light on with the switch (the switch is now in the on position) i can turn the light off with an automation, or with the HA app etc, and then if I flick the physical switch from on to off, the light will go on again.

I am surprised nobody mentioned Xiaomi Aqara or Zigbee WiFi Smart Home Switches as other alternatives. They seem to be legit alternatives. Price-wise they are similar as well.

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