Sonoff /eWeLink component for original firmware

haha thanks @plonkis - Code looks correct (two lines (I didnt put in the optional code)) On a restart I get alot of errors, Validation of the code even times out. Hash out the two lines and the world is good again … im on 0.92 (QNAP Container)

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The config you posted is clearly wrong. One word - indentation!

  username: [email protected]
  password: passwd

Thanks @nickrout for the assistance.
I copied and pasted from github … The indent is two characters and starts under the n of “sonoff:”
And follows this syntax.

username: [email or phone number]
password: [password]
scan_interval: 60 (optional, lower values than 60 won’t work anymore!)
grace_period: 600 (optional)
api_region: ‘eu’ (optional)
entity_prefix: True (optional)
debug: False (optional)

It is still wrong, once again you have no indentation. Or you are not posting properly.

Correct because of the copy paste of the bb from github … although the one in the same message above quoted from your message is correct, so you are still vaguebooking. This community is about helping eachother.

Just post your config, not something you got from somewhere else with the indentation that you actually have. Then post your logs showing the problem. Please first of all though read this

That was a response to @test7875

Yes I comprend after reading all

iFan02 FW 2.7.1 works perfectly. Can be added to the list.

Hey I have a iFan which I would like to integrate. How have you added the different fan speeds?

I was thinking maybe a fan template switch or something?

The iFan shows up as 4 switches in HA. Switch 1 is the light, switch 2 is fan low speed, switch 3 is fan medium speed and switch 4 is fan high speed. To switch the fan on at medium speed, you have to switch switch 2 and switch 3 on. If you only switch switch 3 on, nothing happens. Same applies for high speed. Both switch 2 and 4 have to be switched on for the fan to start and run at high speed.

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@peterbuga Sonoff Basic R1 and R2 both work on fw 3.0.1, confirmed on multiple devices.

@peterbuga Because the S26 is such a hassle to flash, I gave your custom component a try. Within a few minutes I had one of S26s working! Thanks!

(FWI, I am on the latest version of Hassio, RPi3b, and Sonoff firmware 2.61)

@peterbuga hi
when I use Websocket Entity for switch is showing
entity: switch.1000643xxx

when I use Master Entity for switch is showing
entity: switch.sonoff_1000643xxx

for sensors both Websocket and Master are showing

entity: sensor.sonoff_1000643xxx_power
entity: sensor.sonoff_1000643xxx_voltage
entity: sensor.sonoff_1000643xxx_current

is that correct or I am missing something

Any chance this will ever work with the Sonoff RF controller?

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I have seen in other post that Peterbuga doesn’t want to do nothing for this custom component:(

Aside from the double negative, can you substantiate what you are saying?

Read this post at the end

Notwithstanding his absence for the last month, it’s a stretch to assume that post means he’s abandoned the project.