Sonoff Mini - How to configure it?

Hey guys, I am configuring Sonoff Zigbee sensors. Temperature, Presence, Door sensors are working however I was not able to configure the Sonoff Mini (Switch).

Do you know if it is possible to add this device? If it is possible, do you have any config example to share?

I made a question here, but it looks like nobody is maintaining this repo anymore.

I use the Sonoff Mini flashed with Tasmota which is then discovered automatically by the Tasmota Integration in HA. I think you need to be on Tasmota v9.2 firmware or later for this to work.

If you do not want to flash the device then you could try the SonoffLAN integration in HACS:

I see. I was thinking that I could use this without Tasmota.

Yes, I was not sure whether you wanted to go down the flashing route so that’s why I also included the link to the SonoffLAN custom component.

You will need to first install HACS (Home Assistant Community Store) and then you can access all the community addons like SonoffLAN (and many others) from a point and click UI similar to HA’s normal integrations. For information on how to install HACS see the link below or maybe search for video tutorials on YouTube:

You do get a sonoff mini zigbee version as well.

I was not aware Sonoff had a Zigbee version of the Mini, that would be the one to go for if @leoheck is already invested in Zigbee.

Yes. This one (Sonoff Mini Zigbee) is the one I have.

I would like to integrate with Hass.

I also have the HACS installed, @Jonah1970. The Sonoff Zigbee Bridge and Sensors are already working. The sensors I have are - Temperature, Presence, and Door/Window - work fine.

The last thing to do is to integrate the Sonoff Mini Zigbee which is not being detected by default.

Do I need to do something else to be able to detect this device?

You will need to put the integration you are using (e.g. ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT) into pairing mode then put the Sonoff Mini Zigbee into pairing mode by powering it on and pressing the reset button for 5-10 secs. After that it should be discovered and added into HA automatically.

There are some good guides below that walk you through the process:

I hope that is helpful.

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I see.

I am using the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge for that. It works for the sensors I mentioned.

I was wondering if this Sonoff Mini Zigbee works this way too.

Which Zigbee integration are you using in Home Assistant?

Hi. I can’t find how to add a ZBmini to HomeAssistant.

I have a Wifi ZBBridge integrated with ZHA.
Program Version 2022.01.2(zbbridge)
Build Date & Time 2022-01-16T13:09:50
Core/SDK Version 2_7_4_9/2.2.2-dev(38a443e)

Sonoff Sensors (WB01, MS01, TS01, TH01) are recognized as devices/entities; no problem. Button events are logged: no problem.

But I don’t know how to interact with zbmini.
It does not pair.

Any advice ?

If it has an impact (maybe a more invasive reset is required ?), I will add that I initially (before tasmotizing the ZBBrigde) had set up using the Sonoff Cloud App. And it worked.


Maybe this is because you have paired it before…?

Are you saying the long press waiting for blinking and then quick pair would not work?
Maybe that quick pair would not work because you are still pairing to the same ZBBridge?

Have you tried factory reset by removing it from the app?
Factory Reset - Sonoff ZBMINI User Manual [Page 13] | ManualsLib

Or maybe pair it to another zigbee coordinator, if at all possible?

Maybe power cycling the entire zbmini, or even wait a few minutes before powering it back on?