Sonoff PIR2 (or CT60) motion sensors + RfxTrx


I want to add some Sonoff PIR2 (sometimes sold as CT60) motion sensors to HA. They are detected by RfxTrx and can be seen as an event within HA when RfxTrx debug logging is activated:

2018-08-13 12:25:27 DEBUG (Thread-24) [homeassistant.components.rfxtrx] Receive RFXCOM event from (Device_id: d402 Class: RFXtrxDevice Sub: 2, Pkt_id: 08500204d40200c149)

Unfortunately the device is not auto-added to HA, neither when “automatic_add” is enabled for “binary_sensor” nor for “switch”. If I add the binary sensor manually, it becomes available within the web GUI but does not react to the RfxTrx events:

  platform: rfxtrx
  #automatic_add: True
      name: Bewegungsmelder A
      device_class: motion

Any ideas?


The “options for PT-2262 devices” as described in the HA docs won’t help here, won’t they?

As the device is not added automatically, I think HA doesn’t know the device type reported by RfxTrx (yet?). Guess I have to go a little bit more low-level into the HA RfxTrx component …

I would like to buy a SONOFF CT60 PIR2 too, to control some lights.

Did you have any success in configuring it in Home Assistant ?
Also, I understand that I might need also a SONOFF RF Bridge 433 WiFi. Did you need one ?

Thank you !

You need to have a 433 MHz receiver and some kind of firmware (or software on the backend) which understands the protocol - the SONOFF RF Bridge could do the job, I guess.

I use an RfxTrx device for 433 MHz communication. Unfortunately, HA does not correctly identify this device. But this is an issue with the RfxTrx component and I have not yet found the time to dig deeper …

According to Sonoff RF bridge - using the Tasmota firmware and MQTT, the PIR sensors seem to work: