Sonoff RF bridge - getting bombarded with No matching payload found for entity warnings

Hi, I have Sonoff RF Bridge running tasmota and got a few PIR motion sensors and RF door sensors. These sensors are talking to the bridge and the bridge then relays the messages via MQTT to HA.

Everything is working fine, the sensors show proper data, they work as expected, however I am getting constantly bombarded every few seconds with the message in logs that says

No matching payload found for entity: Bathroom Motion with state_topic: tele/RF_Bridge/RESULT

Can you please help me identify what the problem is here and why are my logs flooded. Here is a screenshot of my logs

Hi. I am having the same problem after upgrading to version 87.1 from 86. Have you managed to find a solution? Thanks

There was a change to the code that triggered this warning back on Jan 20th 2018.

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I’m facing the same issue.

I have a Sonoff Bridge that sends telemetry messages where the ‘data’ value is the only thing that differs for across multiple PIRs. All the sensors that are monitoring for the telemetry messages spit out the warning as it doesn’t match what they’re checking for.

I found this, anyone tried?