Sonoff RF with ESPHome?

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to integrate Sonoff RF in the HA using ESPHome. Flashing procedure done without issues. Unfortunately I’m not able the read any log message from the RF receiver (code, etc.)

  pin: 1
  dump: all
#  dump: rc_switch
  filter: 100us
  tolerance: 50%
  idle: 2ms

  pin: 3
  carrier_duty_percent: 100%

I’m not sure if the RF module on this device can be used with ESPHome or some HW modifications are needed. I’m also not sure about the pins where the receiver is connected.
Any support will be really appreciated.

There is a whole thread about this: Sonoff RF Bridge with ESPHOME?

In a nutshell: You either need to make some hardware modifications, or you need to run the latest dev version of ESPHome.

I’m just about to do the same, bridge arrived yesterday. Just waiting for the usb serial and leads.
But may go for tasmota. Never flashed before so new to me.

Thanks for the reply, just to clarify, my device isn’t the bridge. I’m talking about Sonoff RF Switch. On my knowledge is a simple Sonoff Basic with the RF module.

I’ve read the whole thread where bridge integration has been discussed and I’ve learned a lot of from it.
The bridge HW, it’s composed by an additional EFM8BB01 chip that is responsible to manage the receiver which it isn’t connected directly to the ESP8266. The HW hack required for the bridge is focused to bypass this chip.

I take some snapshot with my microscope, discovering that also the receiver installed on this device have the same chip on board. I suppose that a similar HW hack is required but the PCB is completely different and I’m not skilled enough to find the way to bypass the EFM chip.

In the meantime I’ve installed the Tasmota and it works fine. Shame because this is the only one device (so far) that doesn’t work with ESPHome (on my knowledge).

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You can use a look at this link below:

You can read my blog article :

You will find the pins. Note that it can be only used as a receiver.

Thanks for the answer. 1technophile, really interesting article. In summary, you did the bypass connecting the RX pin of the receiver chip to an unused pin of the ESP. It looks challenging but feasible. Layout of this pcb doesn’t help. Receiver is mounted on top an it needs to be totally desoldered to access to the ESP but, let me try…

Yes it requires some accuracy but it is feasible.

It is over a year since last post in this subject. …anything changed about esphome+sonoff RF ?
I’m just starting to use sonoff basic RF and look if I can also use RF part of it .

Same needs here.
Did you have any luck using the RF part in esphome ?

Hi everyone,

from my point of view, it’s unfortunately not possible what you’re trying to achieve. I actually aimed for the same and had to figure out it wasn’t possible.

Here is why.