Sonoff SNZB-02: improving battery longevity for outdoor operation


This is a great idea which I have also implemented for my outdoor temperature sensor:

One thing that has happening is that even with this new battery setup, the sensor is still draining within 20 days as can be seen below:

I am using 2 AA batteries R6L4B AA penlite from Philips which are advertised as having being long life.
I have two sonoff sensors indoors and those have been running off of their original cells, while this outdoor sensor has gone through 2 cells, and almost 4 batteries.

Is there something wrong with my setup, or is the sensor broken ?

Hey, I made a case for sensor to use with 2xAAA battery case, you can try it and give some feedback

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Here is my case for the SNZB-02 sensor and up to 2 CR123A batteries.

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Out off the box my first snzb sensors lasted over a year, after replacing with new duracel cr2450 I got less than a month.

Thanks for posting it.
I made a remix of it with shorter interior posts, to accomodate slightly larger battery holders.

I’ve got a SNZB-02 that is also draining batteries in a matter of days. I pulled it out of service and set it aside to monitor. It keeps draining batteries. I’ve concluded it’s CC2530 chip has a problem.