Sonoff ZBBridge suddenly appears offline but is online and working

Appreciate constructive feedback in if think Sonoff ZBBridge should be lísted in ZHA integration documentation as in the top of the list of “known working radio modules” or not:

That way all those comments for and against can be collected in a single place for considerations.

I really don’t understand this fury against Sonoff ZBBridge.
The greater reliability of a wired line compared to a wifi link is obvious (as warned in the zigpy github) but somebody could be forced to use a wireless bridge for many reasons.
I personally use the sonoff device without any problem and the infamous error “NCP entered failed state” happens very rarely and does not affect my system reliability.


I am not able to uplaod the ncp-uart-sw_6.7.8_115200.ota file. I am still getting the invalid file signature message. I use tasmota 12.5.0. There was no reset action after the “Backlog Weblog 3; so65 1; Module 75” command given.

Strange, just did the upgrade to 6.7.9 for a curiosity- all went smooth as defined in my previous post :slight_smile:
Best, JR
BTW are You using a downloaded ota file?- I do…


I have made a same mistake with the wrongly flashed tasmota (that fw doesn’t have a module 75). For the fix, I need to flash the minimal version first. Then the zb-version of tasmota and finally I was able to flash the uart fw.