Sonoff zigbee dongle plus....driver problem?

I am using the dongle plus…
I flashed him for zigbee2mqtt…
I am using virtual box on a windows 10 system (lapopt)

Now , I want to make a dedicated system… (dell system)(same OS)… but I have trouble to activate the dongle…
I installed the universal windows driver manually


the dongle appears for a short time… after rebooting the system…the dongle is not recognized anymore… on my laptop I do not have this Issue…

Because the windows Os does not recognize the dongle… HA runs into trouble

Is this problem HA version related?(2022/02) I found some posts indicating the dongle was not recognized.

I lost quite some time… are there other dongles (HA → zigbee2mqtt) that work?

You probably need to use the software on the Sonoff site to write a new device descriptor. This is a known issue with earlier release dongles.

And the info re the software is in this post:

I would begin by installing the latest CP210x drivers directly from Silicon Labs and then reboot Windows computer as Windows OS will often need a full restart when installing serial drivers/devices like this is:

By the way, another tip is to see all more general discussions about this specific dongle hardware here:

and here:

While true that description only applies to USB discovery for ZHA and doesn’t affect Zigbee2MQTT, see: