Sonoff Zigbee ZBMINI-L + Philips Hue bulb: Switch doesn't work when bulb is off


I installed the Sonoff Zigbee switch ZBMINI-L on a room which already have a Philips Hue bulb.

When I use only the Zigbee switch I don’t have any problem. It turn on and off.

But when I turn off the Hue bulb, the Zigbee switch don’t work, I have a timeout error when I send a command from HA or Zigbee2MQTT so I can’t use both devices independently which was my goal.

Does anyone know if this an expected behavior and/or how can I fix that?

Thank you

Sounds like due to how the ZBMINI-L is designed as no-neutral hardware switches to work it needs to leak/passthrough some electrical current just to operate but that will not work if the bulb does not also leak/passthrough enough electrical current (to keep the light on for the ZBMINI-L itself so to speak). My guess is that you will not be able to use any “no-neutral” hardware switches in-line with any smart lightbulbs that way, but suggest anyway that you ask here → If that is the case then your only option is to feed power to the ZBMINI-L separately so they are not connected in series after each other as that will break electrical power for one of them

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Thank you very much for your answer.