Sonos TTS stopped working all of a sudden, mid december 22

I have been away from home for a while and during that time something happened to the TTS scripts I run.

The scripts in themselves run perfectly, and TTS works to the browser without a problem.
BUT, TTS to my Sonos speakers has stopped working.
I have full connection to my Sonos speakers via HA, I can play music and everything on all of them but when it comes to TTS it won’t work.

HA doesn’t say anything but if I look in the Sonos app for the specific speaker I try and play TTS to it says: “Unable to play… google translate.mp3 - access denied”.

My guess is that the Sonos speakers can’t access the url/media that Google Translate/Google Cloud (I have both set up and working prior to this) generates but I can’t figure out why.

No changes where made by me during this time. I DO have Sonos “Auto Updates” active so something could have happened there but then someone else should have been effected as well (reason for posting this).

Has anyone else had this happen to them in the last couple of weeks?

Update if anyone else finds this thread and has a similar problem.

Did some research yesterday:

And it happens from time to time apparantly but unclear why.
Powered down all of my Sonos devices (7), rebooted all of my networking equipment as well and eventually got 6 out of 7 devices working. I have three Sonos 1:s 2:n Gen, two of them are working now but I can’t get the third to work for some reason.

Same behaviour as, everything works but TTS.

I too have this on one device only. I made an automation to play a wav file on all my sonos speakers when the front door bell rings. The sounds plays fine on the One and Beam speakers, but refuses to play on the Arc. Sonos app reports access denied when using Google TTS and also when trying to play local media from the home assistant media library. But the speaker can play local files from a Synology music server.

Very odd.

Same here. I have two Ikea Symfonisk speaker (SONOS coop). One of them stopped playing TTS and local mp3 files hosted on HA a few days ago. Both are in the same network and have the same firmware version installed (Sonos OS S2, v15.11). If they are grouped the sound is not playing. I already reset the speaker and repaired it but this seems not to work either…

Very frustating when relying on playing the door bell sound on a smart speaker and it does not work…

Just noticed, that the IP of this speaker was banned. After removing the ban from ip_bans.yaml and performing a restart I can play local mp3 again.

Same here. Why are Sonos speakers showing up on the banned IP list?

I upgraded to the September (2023.09.x) release a couple months back and it seems to have gone away for me. I had been suffering from issues with the speakers getting banned pretty much every couple days.
I haven’t had any issues with speakers getting banned since updating, and as a bonus my tablet no longer seems to be getting banned either.

i just updated to the latest 2023.12.6 release tonight, so fingers crossed it’s still good.

Bubbling up an old thread, but suddenly having issues with my Sonos speakers not being able to ouput TTS service commands. Stumped on what went wrong.