Specify docker daemon network bridge IP

Docker uses the default “” subnet for container networking. If your network already uses this subnet you have to change it. Usually I do this with the configuration file at “/etc/docker/daemon.json” (e.g. “bip”: “”).

Is there any way to do this in “Home Assistant OS” ? Something like a “file overlay” which will be there after an update or reboot?

I assume this is the problem for some issues which have been reported here. Like this one

Thanks, Philipp !

Same issue here. Running HASSOS on VMWare and had to put 3 NICs in my VM to be able to access my 3 networks (LAN, DMZ and IOT) in different 172.17.x.x subnets.

Why on earth does docker need a /16? Would also like to know how to change this.

So… it looks like creating the daemon.json file per this post works:

I just did so, rebooted and I’m up and running. I can reach my HASS install from my network and HASS can now see my devices on that network, too!