Splitting text out of an entity attribute

I have an entity attribute I currently display for entity: media_player.receiver
attribute: audio_information. It shows:

format: Dolby Atmos
input_frequency: 48 kHz
input_channels: ‘’
listening_mode: Dolby Atmos
output_channels: 7.1.2 ch
output_frequency: ‘’

That’s all from a single attribute. I want to split it out so I can display single attributes like “format” or “listening_mode” How do I extract the correct data out of multiple lines like that?

The value of the attribute audio_information appears to be a dictionary. Copy-paste the following template in to the Template Editor and see if it reports “Dolby Atmos” (or an error message).

{{ state_attr('media_player.receiver', 'audio_information').listening_mode }}

That worked! It returned “Dolby Atmos”. One more question since I haven’t used templates before… how do I get it to update whenever the attribute changes?

Create the following Template Sensor and confirm it always reports the latest value of listening_mode.

  - sensor:
      - name: Listening Mode
        state: "{{ state_attr('media_player.receiver', 'audio_information').listening_mode }}"

Yep, that worked and it updates whenever the mode changes. Thanks a bunch!

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You’re welcome!

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