Sports Standings and Scores

Note that there are actually two Goal Differentials, I only list one.
One is overall (which is essentially GF - GA).
The other is Average Goal Differential per game.
I chose to display the second one.

I think I don´t miss sensor. Because in the full dashboard it works:

So it is enything wrong with my solo code.

I have aulso make an legend.
This my code:

<td>GP:</td><td> Spiele</td>
<td>ROW:</td><td> Spiele gewonnen (60 Min. / Overtime)</td>
<td>GA:</td><td> Gegentore</td>
<td>W:</td><td> Siege</td>
<td>SOW:</td><td> Shootout Siege</td>
<td>DIFF:</td><td> Tordifferenz</td>
<td>L:</td><td> Niederlagen</td>
<td>SOL:</td><td> Shootout Niederlagen</td>
<td>L10:</td><td> letzte 10 Spiele</td>
<td>OTL:</td><td> Overtime Niederlagen</td>
<td>HOME:</td><td> Heim Rekorde</td>
<td>STRK:</td><td> aktueller Lauf</td>
<td>PTS:</td><td> Punkte</td>
<td>AWAY:</td><td> Auswärts Rekord</td>
<td>X --:</td><td> sicher in den Playoffs</td>
<td>RW:</td><td> Siege in 60 Minuten</td>
<td>GF:</td><td> Geschossene Tore</td>
<td>E --:</td><td> nicht in den Playoffs</td>

Sorry it is german. But you can see, how I have do it (with table)

I saw that, just couldn’t figure out how to change it. Then after looking at the sensor attributes I changed the dashboard to this:

- name: DIFF
  data: '[[attribute]]'
  modify: x.stats.find(y=>y.type == 'pointsdiff').displayValue
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Yes right on. I thought about changing that or even adjusting the column sizes and adding both. Goal Differential is great for overall views … but I am a Fantasy NHL person so I like to see differential average per game.

Does both of your dashboards use the same decluttering templates? The decluttering temple changed.

Oh ok, I Don´t find the change in the decluttering

Not sure what you mean but you should “copy” the nhl_settings decluttering template to be sure it is used as it is in your working one. I do not know your setup but decluttering templates must exist at the top of the dashboard. To be clear, these are all dashboards in yellow:

Ihave selected the “Testing” dashboard in that screen.
Now If I have some subview in say “Rio Crest” which is one of those other dashboards and I am just creating something that has the NHL stats, it must also have the decluttering templates at the top of that dashboard code.

Thank you, I have now check the complete code. And now It works.

A little more “card-mod” effort is needed which will apply to all things … but now this is Wildcard for NHL:

I have updates the GITHUB template.yaml and the dashboard.yaml with the NHL Wildcard display. It has groups for the top three, the two wildcard teams, the “in the hunt” teams and the eliminated teams. Of course, if you want to eliminate the “golfers” you can, just edit the dashboard.yaml to not have that table.

Now that we are through hockey, I am looking to users for suggestions. Here are some I have in mind.

  1. Reorganize all the YAML into a set of folders – this makes it easier to include the sensors if we separate them into their own. Then you would just use a merge directory style include.

  2. I started to look at a way to use something that would allow include/exclude tabs … like I only want NHL and NBA … but not sure tabbed cards then is the way to go, maybe swipe of something or multiple dashboards. But I was envisioning a screen with associated input_boolean toggles that turns on/off tabs. But that is my preference because I want all NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA at least. Thinking of step (1) above … there is no reason to have all the sensors and such for all teams if you don’t care about NBA.

  3. If we do some configuartion screen, we would naturally add many other features – like picking the sortby fields or changing colors.

  4. Adding the key that y’all have put together.. Implemented for NHL, will expand to other sports or others can. To be nice data citizens, we should add attribution to that key stating the data is from ESPN (or wherever it comes from like potentially Yahoo)

  5. Fantasy! – I would love to do a team<-> team matchup for my opposing team in Fantasy but that is a whole different animal.

  6. Click through to ESPN team for teams … this one is easy and I could do right away. Just would add the team logo/name wrapped in a link that is already in the data.Done for NHL

I like the idea of a configuration screen to select tabs, sort orders, colors, etc. in points 2 and 3.

I also support point 4 of adding a key. There would need to be one for each sport. Most of the stats are the same, but for example Baseball and Basketball have a “GB” or Games Back stat, while Hockey and Football do not. Is it possible in lovelace or a frontend mod to do tooltip text if you hover over a column header? Similar to how ESPN does it.

For many things we are subservient to what the GUI widget allows … take flex-table for example. I see no where tooltip is allowed. I just finished reading enhancement requests on tabbed-card and there are many that would like conditionality on tabs (display based on some condition) but while request by many, it is not yet implemented.

For some of these things it is possible to do in card-mod, I will start to play with them.

I did add #6 (not uploaded yet but if someone wants it I can). I made all (NHL for now) team’s logos clickable to open a new browser window with the team’s clubhouse. Here I clicked the Maple Leafs logo and it opens the ESPN Maple Leaf’s Clubhouse.

OK, I have a better solution instead of a “key”.

See Flex-table-card - #84 by kbrown01

This simple change will allow mouseover display of the “key” when you mouseover the header.


I will implement with NHL “key” names soon.

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hooray tooltip text!

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Yes! Even multilines now: LIke:


OK, uploaded new dashboard.yaml to GITHUB. This includes linking the team logo to open a new browser window in desktop mode to their Clubhouse on ESPN. It also includes tooltip mouseover for all column headings for the tables.

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I think it’s great with the tooltips and the links in the logos.

Unfortunately, the tooltip does not work on mobile devices.