Spotify ignoring source

Do not think so. Yesterday i went with This topic

Was working perfectly for 24 hours. The system was idle for over 2 hours and now i cannot even get i working again.

Hello guys, my speakers are only listed, if I used them directly from the Spotify App. How can I fix the devices in HA? Can I setup the “Sources” ??

My Config:


  client_id: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  client_secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

HA 0.117.6

Background: If I turn on my speaker, I can’t use it. e.g. TAG reader

This has been an issue for years and it is unfortunately a limitation in the Spotify integration/API.
The good news is that depending on what speakers you have there might be ways to work around it.
If your speakers are Cast compatible (might also work with Spotify Connect) I highly recommend the spotcast custom component mentioned a few posts above.

ok, thanks!

Hi, @pappajohan
Could you explain in details the procedure to get the aliases?
I was following your instructions but it seems that something wrong because Spotify is not logging the aliases at the logs.
Thank you in advance.

Hi, after some times using 2 Sonos speakers apparently they disappeared from source_list in media_player.spotify entity. I can see in my Spotify iphone app, as well in Spotify android app, but missing in HA. The Sonos entity/devices are fine, but cannot select the speakers from lovelace or forcing the service select_source… I have uninstalled Sonos integration, Spotify connect integrations and reinstalled, no solution… someone have same problem? I have doubled the speakers entities with Alexa integration, maybe I can just use the speakers under platform ‘Amazon’?

My apologies,

I have been away for quite some time. I am hoping to be back in town in a couple of weeks and see if anything still works in my installation.


Sometime last year, Sonos speakers stopped working as Spotify sources (targets really). It even says so on the HA Spotify integration page: “Although Sonos is a Spotify Connect device, it is not supported by the official Spotify API”. Too bad. I hope someone can do something about it.

I’ve lost hope about that… I played a bit with Spotify dev console, it looks that Sonos device have no ID anymore in Spotify API command. So it’s not recognize anymore if you call a PLAY command or move the source from a speaker from another. Maybe with Node Red it’s possible to create an automation to avoid this problem, but I hope Spotify will start again to support Sonos.

If you have both the Spotify and Sonos integrations configured and are on the latest HA release, you can use the new media browser feature to interactively browse/play Spotify media on your Sonos speaker(s), and the “Play media” action step to pick specific Spotify media to play in an automation/script.

Yes that works nice, thanks. I’d love the official Spotify integ to be able to cast to all of my speakers from one place though.

Yes I have read the releases notes when updated, I will try! Thx

I’m facing the same issue as in this thread for my HEOS devices: Play spotify on source from multiple accounts
Just to make sure I understand correctly, on the spotcast github they write:

“Home Assistant custom component to start Spotify playback on an idle chromecast device or a Spotify Connect device (thanks to @kleinc80) which means that you can target your automation for chromecast as well as connect devices.”

That doesn’t mean it is able to do what the spotify apps for android/ios/windows/… can do: start playing music on devices that are not listed in the list of source devices in Spoitify API (and therefore Home Assistant)?

And there is no other way of activating those source devices than using the spotify apps on android/ios/windows… right?

Don’t mean to necro this thread, but in case anyone else was searching and ended up here like me, the problem is if you are selecting a librespot device to play on, you must configure librespot with your spotify credentials and not use discovery. Discovery uses mDNS to discover spotify (mobile?) apps on the network and will get account credentials from them.

If spotify isn’t open on the device or it isn’t on the network, librespot can’t get credentials and it won’t show up in the device list. The solution is to configure librespot with your spotify username and password instead. This solved flakiness for playback from automations on HA and the Spotify plugin for me.