Spotify Lovelace Card

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I got it working but choosing sources they dont all show up same as the other spotify component


open a ticket on the repo: and add your browser details and the lovelace configuration you use for the card as well as the resource section where you add the spotify-card to lovelace (top one)


Hi, looks really nice! Why this setup:

  - type: module
    url: >-[email protected]/src/spotify-card.js 

instead of this?

  - url: /customcards/lovelace/spotify-card.js
    type: module

Does it work with custom_updater?



You can download it and att it like that as well. I haven’t tried with the custom_updater, if you try please feedback the results


Ok, I will!


Unfortunately it doesn’t work with custom updater for me.


Do you know how I can add support for it? Also I moved the repo to custom-cards yesterday and haven’t had time to update.[email protected]/src/spotify-card.js Is the new URL


Sorry but I don’t know but I’ll try it with the new URL.


As I see the updater gets data from the “custom_components.json” (or similar) at the others.


I read up on the code and docs for custom_updater and it seems it works only with downloaded cards.
I would say that adding the URL resource is far superior and you if you choose the master url (the one I pasted) you will always get the latest card.

#31[email protected]/src/spotify-card.js
so should I to add this URL for the Custom updater component in the configuration?
when I installed this card this form didn’t worked for me:

  • type: module
    url: >-[email protected]/src/spotify-card.js 

I mean I had to download it manually. The custom updater can’t find it now.


What I mean is that the custom updater doesn’t give you anything extra if you use the URL I provided. The CU will try to help you upgrade custom things right? The URL will give you this without you having to do anything


I understand now, thank you!


I’m getting this error, I don’t know why?
Above is the Custom Card for Spotify and below is the HA Spotify component.

Here’s what I have in my Lovelace config.

  - type: module
    url: >-[email protected]/src/spotify-card.js

  - type: 'custom:spotify-card'
    client_id: 1d1c1455f7e3411f**************35c

What is it that I could be doing wrong?


I think your lovelace UI is cached. Try to do a hard refresh of your browser.


It worked for me.


This is strange. It displays fine in Chrome, but not in Firefox or my mobile QtWebengine browser. There I get “Custom element doesn’t exist: spotify-card”


Works in Vivaldi too, but that is Chromium I think.


It is not so tested on other browsers. Can you try with the polyfill version?[email protected]/src/spotify-card.js


No, unfortunately the same. Works only in Chrome/Vivaldi.