Statistics Card vs Statistics Graph Card - Display State

Why is there an option to display the state if an entity in the statistics graph card but not in the statistics card?

I can only select “change” in the statistics card but not “state” or "min / “Max” as in the statistics graph card.

So how can I display yesterdays energy consumption as value based on an increasing utility meter / template sensor with state class increasing?

Statistic card - Home Assistant. == Displays A Value(State) based on your card-settings(Calculation/period)
Statistics graph card - Home Assistant. == Display A Graph of A historic Usage(Values/States) over time

I got that, however, I should be able on the statistics card to display a state for (in my example) yesterday and specify WHICH TYPE of statistics I want to display. min/max are greyed out, state is not shown, only change can be selected. On the graph card I am able to select that.

Maybe because your entity is a “Sum”, i.e energy
a Total-Sum, can only change i.e ( increased/decreased )
a power-sensor will give you min/max/mean, But Not “Change”

PS: A “simplified” expiation, of what the DOCS clearly states

The statistic card allows you to display a statistical value for an entity.

Statistics are gathered every 5 minutes for sensors that support it. It will either keep the min, max and mean of a sensors value for a specific period, or the sum for a metered entity.

I read the Docs, the point I do not get here is the last few words

“…or the sum for a metered entity”

which seems the case for me. The sum would be fine, but it displays the change over the day, which in my case leads to errors as the value decreases and increases over the day due to calculations being made that are as it seems a little asynchronous. That means I get a sawtooth line and the change displays a wrong value, but the state itself (how much I have consumed) is correct - that’s the value I want to have

Ok !, Sorry i’ve never seen a Total_increasing sensor goes “backwards”

Beside as you haven’t “verified” your “attempts/issues” with either code/pics or whatever it is for “entity” you mean is acting " asynchronous ", i guess i’ll be moving on ( Im only on my first cup off Coffee here )

Sorry for that, this time I tried it the other way round with just “what I need to know” instead of describing all the surroundings, last time I was not very successful with that.
Probably the thing to know is, that I a calculating a consumption with a template sensor that subtracts my biggest consumers that are measured separately from the total consumption to get the “Rest of House” consumption. That’s where the sabertooth line comes from as it seems not all consumptions are going up in sync.

If you expect people to understand what you are trying to accomplice, then please follow the Guide-lines(to some extend) stated in first Topic
How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

Right, thou it doesn’t help me understand what you have ( in front of you ! )
Maybe it’s your template-sensor you have to focus upon( Is it a total_increase sensor, or isn’t it ? , does it ever throw “exceptions” due to this “obvious” not_in_sync updates calculation of a bunch of various sensors ? , compared to your Total_Increasing_Total_Consumption_Of_House_Sensor ? )

Don’t tell me you see that “sabertooth line” in the Statistic_Card, And The Error you refers to, comes from ( Which Card ) ?

PS: I Noticed you’ve not been long in the Forum, and maybe not have had your HA for long either, But various Entities Don’t updates “syncronically” , various templates neither, And therefore your Total-House-Consumption either. ( and Is your Total-House-Consumption a “realtime” Sensor, or provided from your grid-provider(next day), with the “hickups” that implies ? )

Look, I postet it here (especially post #6 with pictures) but unfortunately besides a recommendation to ensure all sensors are available in the calculation I got no clue so I just focused on how to proceed with the outcome.

Anyway, my current calculation is as follows:

Rest of house consumption = Total consumption - wallbox - heat pump. All meters are following their source since a specific date I set.

After that I divide by the days since that specific date and multiply by 365 to get my yearly estimate based on my consumption.

That’s about it. Works quite okay, besides the sabertooth thingy, that is there especially when consumption is high (e.g. charging the car).

And my assumption is that it is because the total consumption meter does not go up in the exact millisecond as the wallbox consumption thus leading to sabertooth line in my calculated “rest of house” consumption template sensor.

Ok, so basically you open a new Topic , to continue upon the “unsolved” use-case in that other Topic ? , I think you should close this Topic as “solved” as you got the answer to the Difference between Statistics_card VS Statistic_graph_card.

And then try to sort out your “template-mess” in that other Topic
Sorry i currently don’t have time to dig deep into your use-case/templates

Yes I did because in my view it has nothing to do with the initial problem or the topic itself but would help me work around it.

If you want to come back to this topic: I still did not understand why the statistics card can’t display the sum / value of the sensor for a defined time period while the statistics graph card can and/or how I can get the state / sum / value of my sensor for a given tome prior (yesterday) to display. Because this value is correct even though it has the up and downs in between.

Would appreciate if you can look into the topic since I tried really hard to answer all your questions and give you the information, a “I don’t have time” after that is a little frustrating to be honest.

Simple answer is: because it was not implemented. Just because both cards are related to statistics didn’t mean both have the same features implemented.

I think it quite makes sense and you need to look for a different workaround to your issue. I’ll suggest something in the other thread.