Steam Wishlist Integration

Sorry, I forgot to mention I had tried both ‘nintendo’ and ‘switch’… but I’m gathering there’s no point doing the ‘nintendo’ unless I already use that card for my Nintendo Switch?

So, what am I putting for ‘Type’, please?

It sounds like you have setup and installed the steam wishlist integration. If you wish to display it as shown in the README, you will need to:

  1. Install the nintendo-wishlist-card via HACS. (ignore the fact that nintendo is in the name of the custom card, this card can display both a switch wishlist and a steam wishlist).
  2. Add the following yaml to your lovelace:
- type: custom:nintendo-wishlist-card
  entity: sensor.steam_wishlist_76561198282717771
  title: Steam Wishlist
  image_style: backgroundart
  max: 10

My guess is you haven’t installed the custom card yet which is why you are seeing the posted error message.

Yep, I’m definitely aiming to get the Steam version working. However, I also have a Switch so figured I’d install that… and now I’m stuck with that!?!

The Switch says to add yaml to the configuration.yaml which I did but then HA now says it can’t restart due to the configuration.yaml being wrong. So again I guess I’m pasting it in wrong? Probably spacing or such. Fixed, had swap 2 & 3 around - that is, restart HA and then add the content to my configuration.yaml.

However, I’m following the instructions one by one…

At this point, I have done as I understand to be the correct way. I do not have a file I can locate called ui-lovelace.yaml but I gather it can be accessed via the dashboard (three dots / edit dashboard / three dots / raw configuration editor)

I copy the precise information from the text window and past it in to my raw config and save it. It then reports an error. I do not seem to have a resources: section as described, so I paste it to the top.

And now, I have no idea what the “dashboard config panel” is?

The instructions are if you are using yaml mode for your lovelace dashboard. I haven’t tried using the default dashboards that don’t involve yaml so the steps may be different in that case. You can read more on the lovelace mode here: Multiple Dashboards - Home Assistant

You may be able to add the js resources using the Manage resources link in your 3 dots menu, but I don’t have any experience using the UI editor.


I come here because I’ve installed your integration but it didn’t work.
I installed it with HACS, I followed all of your instructions, my wishlist is publicly viewable on Steam.

I have several games on sale on my wishlist but the integration shows zero.

For information, the steam account name is not working on the configuration, but the steam profile ID is.
If you are available, I can sent you my account name and my profile ID.

Thank you !