Step by step into HA

@CaptTom saying “Keep away from YouTube videos” sure sounds a lot to me like that’s what was said. :wink:

Dear all. I apreciate all the help you give and suggest, be it through the forum, through docs or through youtube videos. And I wll most certainly make use of all of them.
Please, @exx, also refer me to your youtube channel.

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I hope you find it useful, and thank you for checking it out.

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Some youtube channels are better than others. Thanks for your contributions :slight_smile:

Yeah, I did. Sorry. I should have been more precise in my language.

I personally find most YouTube videos to be unhelpful. I much prefer reading at my own pace, and especially being able to study still photos. Being read to, and having someone else control the panning and zooming, just doesn’t click for me. I generally don’t need to have every step of a process explained to me in great detail. There’s usually one particular step I’m struggling with, or maybe the exact location of some part I need to add, remove, tighten or otherwise manipulate. I may need to study that step, taking the instructions word by word. Or zoom in on the photo.

Sure, I can skip around in the video, and pause and zoom it. I just find it easier to do that with written text and embedded photos.

Oh, and I’m impatient, too. I don’t really need the introduction or the long explanation about why I might want to do whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish. I’m anxious to get to the point.

I shouldn’t suggest anyone else feels the same way. Use whatever format works for you!

Those are all super-valid reasons for the remarks you made. I, too, have been frustrated at many videos, especially when I was first getting started.

That was sort of the genesis of me creating my channel - I took all the bad habits I saw everyone else doing, and tried to not repeat them. LOL

Having said that, no matter how good of a job I do, it still isn’t going to be for everyone, for many of the reasons you listed - speed of presentation, zooming in/out, etc etc.

I definitely appreciate your coming back to clarify, and I absolutely understand your difficulties with certain formats.

I agree - at the end of the day, everyone should use what works best for them. :slight_smile:


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