Stepper motor for TV rotation


Hey guys,

I have a secret desire to make my TV pivot on its base without moving from the couch.

Say i have figured out all the cog configuration to make this work.

I need a way to control a stepper motor through my rpi with hassio but i have not found any documentation or references on how to do it.
i have in my posession a 5wire stepping motor and a ULN2003 driver i got off some rpi starter kit i ordered back when i started learning electornics and bought random stuff off ebay :slight_smile:

Any ideas or threads you could point me to?



Are you running hassio on that raspberry pi? If so I recommend using a separate one, or perhaps a nodemcu or arduino to control the TV rotation separately. This might be easier in the long run, will allow you to keep your hassio machine away from the TV, and will make it easier to add new similar devices in the future.

I recommend using mqtt to communicate between the motor controller and hassio. You might be able to draw a lot of inspiration from motorized window blinds. Take a look at this thread and the ones linked to it: Esp8266 Window Blinds MQTT

If you decide to use my recommended approach of mqtt + arduino, the first tasks for you are probably to get an mqtt broker running (most people use mosquitto, look up bruh’s videos on YouTube), and figuring out how to control your motor with the arduino /nodemcu / whatever, before you start controlling it through mqtt / home assistant.

P. S. When I first read this thread, I thought you wanted to rotate your TV from landscape to portrait and thought you were crazy. :rofl:


Something like this perhaps