Stove surveillance possible?


I’m looking for a way to check, if my stove is on. Or better is still on.

My wife is a little paranoid about the stove being left on after cooking, because her father burned down a whole kitchen years ago. He was just sitting in his tv chair and had forgotten about it. 4th floor, no elevator, fire rescue needed a bit time to go up… You get the idea…

So, does anyone have a good idea, how to check the stove?

Best way would be to really check, if there is still power consumed, but I found only very expensive switches for that - nope, nothing smart. So my ideas range from checking the power consumption of the control panel (but I would need to open up the stove, not sooo good), over a heat sensor (same, need to open up the stove) to a small webcam, that is monitoring the control panel visually.

You see, nothing cool for my HA.

Does somebody have a good idea(s) for that? I’m willing to try everything, even running five times around the stove nacked or whatever it takes, if that brings up anything. Let your ideas flow, think out-of-the-box. There must be something, that I can use to monitor the stove… See, it is my wifes sleep (=> wife happy - me happy), besides, if I find a way for this, I’m looking forward to a bright home automation future. After this stunt, I’m sure I can practically do everything I want at home, at least for a few days :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks a lot for every input and idea! Oh, I forgot, I’m living in Germany, here the stove is connected on 400V.

Edit: this is a similar one from

This is the one we actually have (sorry, german website):

Shelly EM installed in the switchboard to monitor the stove circuit power.

Bonus: it has two current clamp inputs so you can monitor something else as well.

You will have to power the Shelly EM from a 220V circuit.

Shelly Em + two 50A current clamps go for about 50 euro.


Puh, that “escalated” quickly! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thanks a lot @tom_l, perfect solution, after 12 minutes. Wow!

I alreeady have a few Shellys working here, it’s a great product, but this one, I didn’t know of! I do need to order a few Shellys RGBW and Dimmer, so this one will be in the shopping card as well!

Thanks! :slight_smile: Me happy, wife happy - christmas can come! :slight_smile:

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No Problem. You will find that you have to make a template sensors for the power and energy. As the Shelly will be assuming that the voltage is 220V not 400V (as that is what it is powered from).

Also see this: Configuring Shelly EM Energy Meter

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Looking for something similar. This Shelly EM needs to be installed at the switchboard and it only monitor one device right? Is there something that can be used to monitor the whole house electricity usage?

It can be installed anywhere you have access to the current carrying conductors. The switchboard is generally the most convenient place.

A cursory glance at the product page will tell you it can monitor two circuits. One of them could be the whole house.

If you need more branch circuit monitoring look at the iotawatt.

thanks very much for the info!