Suggestions for Beacons on Android for presence detection?


In an attempt to realize more accurate presence detection I bought 2 beacons (that can support either iBeacon or Eddystone).

Tried using these with OwnTracks for Android without success and after registering an issue on Github with OwnTracks they also said iBeacon support will be completely removed in a next release. See

Now I’m looking for an alternative to integrate the detection of beacons via my Android phone to HA (via MQTT preferably). BeaconMQTT looks like an exact fit but doesn’t do MQTT authentication but I feel the project is not being supported anymore.

Alternatively I came across Automate or Tasker to set this up but I find it’s very heavy weight for what I’m trying to achieve and it’s very difficult to set it up as well.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Hi! I have some ideas there: Beacon MQTT [Android]