Supervised HA on Synology DSM7

I have been searching everywhere for how to do this, adding what I did. I am not sure if this is the right way, but, HA has updated and it seems to function.

I stopped the Supervisor Container and ran the script above through task manager as described on Marius’ page. Once HA was back online, I could update the application from within HA. The update took some time. The container did not start automatically. Once it was back up and running, it was on the version I wanted to install.

Great, thanks!
Q: should the supervisor have restart set to always? I’ve got Unsupported system - Container restart policy error and I think that’s the only container with restart on besides the observer.

Should be fine either way - to be honest i get loads of warnings as it doesn’t like that Synology is running other containers etc, I just press ignore, they only come back on upgrades.

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