Supervisor or not!?

I’m in the process (rather difficult!) of trying to sort out how to best distribute an add-on I’ve written. (zigzag … for Zigbee mesh visualisation)

I’d be very grateful if you would respond to this poll, indicating if you are running the HA Supervisor or not.

Many thanks,
Sam x

  • HA With Supervisor
  • HA Without Supervisor

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HA with Supervisor 100%

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I hear ya! I ended up with a Debian build, with docker (on a Proxmox VM) running the supervised install … so much easier to update stuff, yet I retain a large degree of control (and sadly responsibility!)

I’d love to see a better Zigbee mesh visualization, thanks!!!

I’ll also point out that the way HA is presented to beginners is as a one-step, canned install on a Raspberry Pi. My own opinion is that should be the starting point for any development. Of course some will want to go beyond that, and should be encouraged to. But don’t forget the base users, who I suspect will always be in the majority.

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The canned install always includes supervisor. And an add-on requires supervisor.


Totally! My end goal is a point and click (OK, perhaps more than one click) install for users.

Thank you to those who have responded to this poll.

For the 30% (or so) who are not running supervisor, would you consider yourselves tech savvy? (Having said that I’m running Supervised HA on a Debian/Docker Proxmox VM, not the usual but flexible and I love the ease that supervisor gives me for install/upgrading… and I am tech savvy)

I use Proxmox.

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Generally, yes.

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If it’s an Add-on, what is the point of this survey? Your Add-on can only run on the two versions of Home Assistant that include the Supervisor:

  1. Home Assistant OS
  2. Home Assistant Supervised

Add-Ons are not supported by either of the other two versions that lack Supervisor:

  1. Home Assistant Container
  2. Home Assistant Core

If you have created an Add-on you have no other choice than targeting users of Home Assistant OS and Home Assistant Supervised.

For additional information, refer to the table in this post:

Another advantage to a Supervised install is that you can backup or create snapshots with your all your add-ons in one file, versus having to manage them in each lxc. But then I guess you’d have snapshots of your VM. Everyone may have a different preference.

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That link is the clearest summary I seen to date of the different HA installations … thank you!
I “think” Zigzag falls under the add-on category but … :thinking:

Bottom line is that I want to achieve two things:

  1. Support as many HA users as possible, across the various installation methods.
  2. Ensure that it is as easy as possible to install.

For users who are tech savvy and running an … unusual configuration I am assuming they are able to tweak the zigzag setup.

The driver behind my “survey” was to try to ascertain the proportion of users who have a supervised install and thus guide where to focus my efforts in “installation support”.


When I first moved to HA (From SmartThings) I played (and played and played) with various installation options; I must have built and then thrown away 20+ HA installs.

I did not want to run the HA/OS, but I did want the supervisor as it seemed to make life easier … and it was a good decision for me. I’m running a supervised install on a Debian VM on Proxmox and it is stable and performant. (Tho if I can get a Blue I’m sorely tempted!) I run nightly backups of the various virtual servers I’ve got to a NAS; just yesterday I restored my HA instance as I’d messed it up trying to sort out a Zigzag install approach.

If whatever you created adheres to the following guidelines, then it’s an Add-on (otherwise, it’s not).