Support 3 states for Lock Template

Currently lock template only supports locked/unlocked
please allow a third: open

This to support many European locks which operate with night lock, day lock and open.

Wouldn’t unlocked and open be the same thing?
If you mean the door is open then it’s not about the lock anymore?

No it will not.

Unlocked would mean the door is unlocked but closed
Open would mean it is unlocked and open

The lock entity only refers to the lock’s state, not the door.

The lock can be locked or unlocked. However, I learned some while ago that certain European locks can have an “open” state where both their deadbolt and striker are retracted thereby allowing the door to be opened without having to turn the door handle. Is this the third state you want a lock entity to have?

That is correct. Thank you for clarifying

My front door doesn’t have an exterior handle. The only way to open it is with the lock in the ‘striker retract’ position.

At this point nothing is holding back the door to swing open at the slightest gust of wind

It’s interesting that the lock integration has the following three services:

  1. lock.lock
  2. lock.unlock

where serves to unlatch the lock, yet it only reports two states:

  1. locked
  2. unlocked

It seems reasonable to have it report a third state (open). You have my vote.

I think it would make sense as you describe it and actually my own lock would benefit from such state.
I started the architectural discussion to see if we can get it through.