Support for Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator in the SmartThings integration

Hi Oiligriv,

I can’t add de repositorie. I always get the message “not a valid add-pn repository”!

After getting this fixed, I supose you can use the original setup te install the smartthings on Home Assistent (did this without any problems)

see instructions: SmartThings - Home Assistant


you seem to be missing the HACS component

Follow steps

in the end I managed to configure the refrigerator !!

Thank you Oiligriv. I will start working on it this evening. :+1:

Hi Oiligriv,

Thank you for your input. I figured it out, Follow steps:

klik on “+ REPOSITORIES VERKENNEN EN DOWNLOADEN” (fyi this is Dutch :-D)
enter in de search “SamrtThings Custom” in select the addon

Restart Home Assistant

and install the SmartThings you find un the traditional integrations. Now I have access to more options and values.


does it work for you?

First i not find the repositeries “SmartThings Custom”

But by adding GitHub - veista/smartthings: A fork of the Home Assistant SmartThings Integration. This adds better support for Samsung OCF Devices. as repositories, it’s work


  • Remove your original smartthings integration if you have one set up (optional)
  • Add as a Custom Repository
  • Install SmartThings Custom from the HACS Integrations tab
  • Restart Home Assistant
  • Install SmartThings from the HA Integrations tab
  • Enjoy!

Added camera support as separate integration. GitHub - ibielopolskyi/smartthings_fridge_camera: Custom Home Assistant integration for Samsung Family Hub camera

Maybe somebody who knows HA integrations better than I could reuse this logic for the existing integration.

Is there any possibility to read/update/modify the food list of the fridge ? I’d like to keep in sync my Grocy list with the Samsung Family Hub fridge food list.

Any idea?

Hey, for some reason with this fork (installed from HACS) I don’t see both doors contact status, temperatures and ice controls. I see reset water filter though (I didn’t have it on the stock HA Core SmartThings integration). So there is some improvement for me, but not all the capabilities are accessible for some reason. I did a simple fork that perfectly works for me, just in case you might get a similar issue:

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Thanks but how to configure this integration?

Thanks! Just tried it out and it is detecting my fridge properly and consuming the door open/close updates properly where the other integration wasn’t.