Support power measurement in energy stats

You can calculate the energy with using a total increasing value (Wh) or with using the current power value (W). For now its only supported with a total increasing value. But there are some devices which don’t have a total increasing value, so you just geht a current power sensor from them.
You could use the Riemann function to calculate the Wh from W.

Furthermore the linked Energy Card (called: Energy distribution) is supposed to show the current values, not the total energy

Just use the riemann integration to convert power to energy.

On my side I don’t need . I have a counter that gives an absolute kWh value
And for gaz, I use esphome and use sensor meter with total reset at midnight

That’s what I was taking about. I think this should be integrated directly.

Not every power sensor works the same, some are in W, some in kW, for some you need the trapezoidal, for some the left method, etc.

To be honest, if someone doesn’t know the difference between power and energy, then this person has some other issues to solve instead of adding sensors to an energy dashboard…

While I think it’s fine (better, even) to use energy as default, I think having the power information in the energy (or “utility”?) dashboard would make sense.

Sometimes you wan to see how much is flowing now. And how that changes when you do certain things.

For instance, I sometimes want to see what happens if I start a demanding script on my servers, if the kids come home and start up all their stuff, if I connect something to different outlets (to e.g. see which of the three phases that outlet is hooked up to), especially so I can see if, at any given time, I am close to maxing out what I can draw form a single phase, in which case I might want to plug some stuff into other outlets connected to a “lower-peak-use-at that-time” phase (I have 3 x 25 A fuses going into my home, and I have power factor sensors for each phase – which would also be nice to integrate in the HASS energy – so I can roughly calculate this).

None of these things can be seen with “just” energy, hour for hour, since many of these things happen on the minute, or even second level.

I don’t care that the energy draw over an hour on phase 3 was low if it blows the fuse when I, for 5 minutes, have the vacuum, car charger, espresso machine, and electric kettle on at the same time.

While energy is not power, they are still so related (both physically, and in which types of situations you’d functionally be interested in seeing them), that it could be nice to have power along with energy in the dashboard.

Long story short: I voted for this. As long as power doesn’t replace energy; that wouldn’t make sense.


Completely agree with you!
I like the actual energy dashboard, but it would be even better with the option to view the actual power draws without the need to change tab. I really don’t know why there’s so much resentment for this feature.


Yep, i setup my own energy dashboard by using the cards from the built in one plus some extra cards for live values. It’s perfect. Would be great to have built in.

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I just opened following Feature request, which was closed minute after as duplicity.

Would it be please possible to implement this view/card for individual devices actual power usage ?:


Real Time Device Power Meter for Home Assistant

So I adding my comment here and vote for adding Power Dashboard to current Energy Dashboard.


In my mind this kind of realtime Sankey would be much better of visualization. This is from my real lovelace card. I am just having problem on daily energy, as it might not be available as a sensor for all items, I mean energy-dashboard calculates it somehow? Anyway it would be neat to toggle this Sankey between in place to “daily consumer of energy”-sankey with realtime updates, or this “present-time watt output” where power is right now going into.

Made it even a bit better with sensor-template calculating grid power with co2signal’s production percentage. But just to illustrate versatility of Sankey in these situations…

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The first thing I looked for on this dashboard was to see how much electricity my house is currently using and it’s not there.

I think it would be great to annotate the animated line between Grid and Home with the current kW power rate if possible.


Voted on this aswell. I expected live power to be a part of the energy dashboard and thus would like to see this implemented. For those who doesn’t like thst idea, an option to toggle the feature on/off would satisfy everyone. To me, it is natural to be able to see the current power consumption aswell as the accumulated consumption in the same view.

I think both @Milan_Rozek and @joriws solution is great and if both options were there, I think it would satisfy most. I also do have a personalized tab showing all stats, but it is cumbersome, having to view power and energy usage in separate dashboards.

Hope this comes to life!


Honestly, I was surprised and thought it was a bug when I first looked at the energy dashboard.
The visualization implies it’s showing real time data (current power “floating”) like my solar inverter does:

But it does not. It is even animated which also adds to the expectation to see realtime power data.

I vote for having an option to also show realtime power information.


You mean this: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay, great! I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you!

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While at it, the inclusion of battery percentage. Personally, I would find this more useful than how much energy has gone in/out of the battery.

Have you looked at the link I posted? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but this was about giving feedback to make a built-in non-editable dashboard feature more usable out of the box.

Would be nice if the direct power usage (kW) could be included in the Energy Dashboard on addition to the kWh accumulated.

I suggest that it shows in the same way as kWh, but below that value, or on top.

I’ve seen the link here to the HACS addon, but would be better to have it in core.