Supported os for Home Assistant Supervised

I am trying to install a new install for Home Assistant using the Supervised install method.
I have read the requirements document and updated my VM to it.

I have used the script as found on github.

home-assistant/supervised-installer: Installer for a generic Linux system (

i am using debian 11 as the OS as described.

but i still get the “You are running an unsupported installation” message.

what did i do wrong or how can i fix it

Have a read through the posts in this topic:

what OS did you put on your virtual machine?

I wouldn’t be concerned about the ‘Unsupported’ status at the moment. I believe this is what tom_l was referring to:

Two weeks ago Debian 11 (Bullseye) was released. The upcoming version of the Supervisor will recognize that version as a supported Operating System. This means that if you are running Home Assistant Supervised, you can start upgrading that.

The current version of Supervisor (supervisor-2021.06.08) doesn’t recognize Debian 11 (Bullseye) as a supported operating system, however, the next version of Supervisor will.

I have upgraded to bullseye and now get the unsupported message. My lingering concern is that supervisor won’t update as a result (chicken meet egg). Current supervisor is supervisor-2021.06.8.

everything works wine with an unsupported OS, but if it dosen’t you won’t get any official help.

It’s just a CYA warning message.

I’m running a supervised docker install on an Ubuntu laptop, no virtualization, no problems (usually).

That only happens when the system is flagged as ‘Unhealthy’. In that state, it won’t allow upgrading Home Assistant or any Add-ons. Basically, the Supervisor goes on strike until working conditions become healthier. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is what I was thinking of - thank you for assuring me my concerns were baseless

Just watch the next version of Supervisor prove me wrong …

BTW, I disabled the content-filtering check that Supervisor does and it flags the instance as Unsupported. That check performs some kind of CRC test on its source code and compares the value with an online reference. If it fails to match, it means the source code was modified and the system is flagged as Unhealthy (and gets kneecapped in the manner I described). However, I want to modify the source code to reduce the number of version checks it performs (I whittled it down from every 10 minutes to once a day). Disabling the content-filtering feature makes it skip the source code check and removes the Unhealthy flag (but leaves the Unsupported flag). That’s how I learned all about these infernal flags.

You need the next supervisor currently in Beta to get rid of unsupported. 2021.08.0

Hello all,
I’m Sef. This is my first post. I’ve been running Home Assistant for over 6 months now and I really like it.
My installation is also Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB with a USB SSD. I read the requirements for supported HA Supervised installation. I too am getting the warning “Unsupported Installation”. Here’s the info of my HA Development system. I’m not sure where I went wrong. Could you kindly comment?


Screenshot from 2022-02-03 11-47-52

You installed Raspbian Linux. Only Debian Linux is officially supported (mentioned in the requirements for installing Home Assistant Supervised) and no derivatives of Debian. That’s why it reports “You are running an unsupported installation.”

Oh I see the error of my way. I wrongly assumed Raspbian and Debian are practically the same.


I reimaged my HA Development system, Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, 32GB USB SSD, with Debian 11, and followed the instructions and now I have a supported installation! My HA Production System, Raspberry P4 8GB, 128GB USB SSD, is still on Raspbian 10. I can run some comparison between the two.

Thanks for the help!