Surface mount downlights

That’s a pretty bold statement and puts yourself out on a limb. Yet again, you’re just not right. Please stop trying so hard and realize that your one-size-fits-all attitude is not helpful. You’re also showing that you don’t have the experience you think you do.

In the original post - zigbee remotes via touchlink. Controls the zigbee group that they create regardless of whether the network’s zigbee controller device is online or not. Tried, tested, true.

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You’re welcome to do what you wish but if you insist on recommending it to others I will continue to point out the pitfalls of what you are doing for their benefit.

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Oh thank you all-knowing one for allowing me to carry on. I have already stated multiple times that I didn’t think it would be for everyone, that does not make it an invalid approach.

I do think it’s valid to have a discussion and ask questions to learn something - obviously, you needed to learn something here and hopefully it can help someone else as well. But all you have to do is ask. Considering that you’re a mod you might want to check your attitude and approach things a different way so that you can foster good communication and discussion that’s healthy for the community instead of insisting that only you can be right.

Have a good one, I’m out.

I still welcome on-topic replies.

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Smart switch with smart lights. I’ll never buy a different switch again.

(I’m not affiliated with Inovelli in any way; just a happy user.)


No problem. Any time.