Swap out Zigbee Coordinator for New Device (ZHA)

I’m getting to be quite a Zigbee fan-boy. I currently run a HUSBZB-1 in my RPi. It’s been great!

As I add more Zigbee edge devices, I think about updating to a newer coordinator. Like one of these.

But I can’t help but wonder what kind of effort that will take. I have lots of devices from different vendors. They all have customized names I’ve given them, either as they were added or via customize.yaml. Many have templates, automations and scripts associated with them.

How much of that will carry over to a new and different coordinator, and how much will I have to re-build?

What will I lose?

What can I do now to make that eventual change simpler?

Just trying to think ahead here. Thank you in advance for any insights!


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Thank you, that sounds promising.

Unfortunately I’m an old Windows guy, and probably won’t bother building a UNIX machine and learning the Bellows program. I may just start over. On advantage of that would be to implement consistent naming standards as I pair each device.

You can perform the migration from command line promt on a Windows computer if install Python for Windows. Can copy the same command, just change to Windows format for COM ports (ex. COM5).

Would however be nice to have that in the UI like this → https://community.home-assistant.io/t/zha-integration-to-do-nightly-backup-of-both-zigbee-coordinator-adapter-dongle-stick-and-zigbee-database/357558