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I have the same issue, it is proving difficult to wake over Bluetooth from my rpi3. It is about 5m away but works fine once it is initially woken from its slumber

@eterpstra, hi, I was thinking about the switchbot curtain, do you need switchbot hub to connect to device? Or do you connect to HA directly? What’s the communication protocol dose switchbot use, Bluetooth, wifi, zigbee, or z-wave? Thanks


Also wondering this. I have Original Switchbot working directly with HA. Has anyone has tested Switchbot Curtain in HA?

There is a lot of switchbot knowledge here. Is there any wat to control (activate) the switch bot over WiFi (preferably without having to buy the hub)? I have a faulty robomow that only works if i press a button on top of the mower twice. I was thinking about buying a switchbot and manage it through HASS (make a schedule and don’t mow when it’s raining and that kind of stuff). But my HASS is on a RPI4 in the hallway and not in bluetooth range. I do have have wifi in the garden.
Or are there any ESP8266 or ESP32 (or other cheap technologies) examples where you can make your own WIFI button presser.

Were you referring to the switchbot Bot that is working for you? Is it still working. Read from another thread, a few are having trouble with the Bot.

I, too, am interested with the curtain as well. My amazon country says it will be available on Sept 15. However, I will wait until others on HA forum reports if they can get it to work with HA before purchasing.

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Edit: while I love my little switchbot, if your remote is IR or 433mhz RF it would probably be cheaper, more elegant (and more fun) to build yourself a little esp32 remote transmitter using this component:

So are you basically creating your own ‘smart’ remote with ir/rf codes using the esp32 and the esp32 needs to be in line of sight with the devices you want to control?
Wouldn’t it be cheaper or cost just a much to get a Broadlink to learn the codes?

No I don’t. I do have issues with some xiaomi bluetooth temp & humidity sensors with my home assistant where ha is no longer able to get a signal from them.

Your Switchbot Bot is still working for you with no disconnect even after the Bot has gone to sleep? I am thinking about picking one up to turn on my tv box. It uses bluetooth to transmit the signals. My main concern is that the tv box is quite far from HA and the Bot may be out of BT range.

I have the Switchbot Thermometer/Hygrometer and followed this guide to setup.


I’ve been using a few of this SwitchBots through the hub and IFTTT.

IFTTT is moving to a pay subscription and I see little value with only a handful of bots.

Any idea if HA can connect to the SwitchBot HUB and how?

Could not find any information about it.

Thank you.

Could you please tell me how did you integrate them? I have added the BLE MAC but I can’t trigger it.

My problem was the password entered in the app. Now is working.
Any chance to control also the IR Switchbot Hub?

Reading through this discussion, am I right thinking that the SwitchBot can be controlled directly from HA without the need of the SwitchBot Hub?

Also, are there any alternative (cheaper) products to SwitchBot?

Yes, it was working for me for a few days than it just stop responding.

The “Switchbot Bot” is working fine in my case.
I would like to have the “Switchbot Hub Mini” integrated because it can control many appliances by IR signals (TV, speakers…)

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maybe it can help you: Robomow RX12u home assistant

What did you do with the password. I’m struggling to get the switchbot working at the moment. Thats the reason why I ask.

I just remove the password I setted to the hub in Switchbot app for android.

Thanks for the answer. After I can’t get it running and due to the fact that i am using also other switchbot devices i use IFTTT now. With IFTTT I can control everything as I want with webhook automations. Also switchbot hub integrations work fine. :slight_smile:

Does any Switchbot owners (who don’t use the hub) can tell me if Lovelace UI will show me if the Switchbot is in On or Off status? I simply want it to just control a single light switch in the kitchen. But I want to know from looking at the Home Assistant UI that’s Switchbot status is in On or Off status.

@ jellytotz

If you are referring to the switchbot bot, it gives you the states on or off. The issue with this is that if someone manually turn on/off the device. The state HA says will not be accurate. Furthermore, when HA reboots, it reverts to off.

With that said, you can create a switch to retains it’s states when HA reboots using an input_boolean. This is how I did to one of my bots. My bots is controlled via shell command. I believe it will work with a switch as well. You can use it as a guide and tweak to your setup.


    name: Washroom Fan
    icon: mdi:fan


  24hr_fan_bot: 'curl -k ""'


  - platform: template
       friendly_name: '24hr Fan'
       value_template: "{{ states('input_boolean.washroom_fan') }}"
         - service: shell_command.24hr_fan_bot
         - service: input_boolean.turn_on
           entity_id: input_boolean.washroom_fan
         - service: shell_command.24hr_fan_bot
         - service: input_boolean.turn_off
           entity_id: input_boolean.washroom_fan
       icon_template: >-
         {% if is_state('input_boolean.washroom_fan', 'on') %}
         {% else %}
         {% endif %}

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I’ve some switchbot thermometer and a switchbot hub min.
Can anyone explain me how to make the integration of these without IFTTT?

I’m realy lost…


Hey guys,

I have a HA VM with no BT, can I use this though the hub?