Switches certified legal in (Australia)


Does anyone know of any switches inline or switch plate that work in Australia? with and without neutral?

Wifi, 433mhz, Zwave ?


plenty of z-wave available from the Australian z-wave sellers:

I use z-wave dimmers where there is no neutral (only going to occur at light switches anyway) since they dont need them, and they fit behind the wall plate nicely. If you have a neutral you can use the z-wave switches

Hey Dave,

There are a couple of options that are non ZWave that I am checking out if they are certified in Australia will let you know soon their price point seems to be roughly half that of the ZWave.

If you come across any legal switches or gateways / bridges to Wifi / 433 mhz / IR etc let me know.


Hi Dave,

Quick question. Have you ever used a Nano switch to switch on and off a 3 speed fan? Not speed control just on and off. The Aeotec website says that is what you should do but whilst the dimmer pages talk about suitability with inductive loads the switch has less info.


EDIT: Just received a reply from Aeotec “Nano Switch is universally compatible to Inductive, Resistive, and Capacitive loads up to its maximum load. Nano Dimmers max inductive load is 100W” Still interested in anyone who has actual exerience…

Sorry, I havent used them on fans so cant help you there. In saying that, the “3 speed” concept of the fan is a function of the speed controller on your wall and nothing to do with the fan itself so you dont need to worry about compatibility with the fan. As long as the rating of the dimmer suits the rating of the fan you will be fine. The fans in my place are only 60W which I think is fairly standard for a basic ceiling fan. There will be some variation in brands but I wouldnt expect too much more than that

Thanks. I am just going to use a Nano Switch and Aeotec told me to get the 3 speed switch installed between the OUT terminal and the fan and it should work fine so that is my plan. That will allow me to set the speed (usually 2 for us) and then turn it on and off according to temp and room occupancy (or a separate momentary switch - yet to be installed).

fair enough. Personnaly I would leave the 3 speed controller out and just use the Aeotec with up and down buttons. They still allow you to switch on and off and have it return to the previous setting. Otherwise you are only half automating…

You are right but unless I replace the fan it isn’t supported as I understand it from reading this: https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/6000171764-fan-types-compatible-to-nano-dimmer-

yeah ok. Is it an old fan?

No not that old. Eight years. It is a Martec DLS134W