Synchronize the on/off state of 2 entities

Thanks for the blueprint.
I wanted to use the blueprint to sync the status of my media player with an input_boolean so that I could turn the TV on and off via google home.
Unfortunately, a media player has more states than just on and off (unavailable, playing, unknown) so that error messages keep popping up in the log.

I have been messing with trying to make this work for two days and well dah me…I should have come here first and looked for blueprint…Thank you so much for this simple but yet effective blueprint!

Same here with 2021.11.1. Were you able to fix it? Tnx!

You are great!
I couldn’t get them to stop blinking!!!
With a few commands I integrated 3 switches that now work together!
Thank you so much

Templates for syncing 2, 3 or 4 switches: [General] Sync switches

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Im having an issue. Im not sure if its the blueprint or my setup. I have a Tuya 4 touch switch with the Tuya integration controlling 2 light groups (consisting of 2 bulbs each using Tuya integration) and 2 broadlinks controlling 2 A/Cs. The switches with the devices are out of sync. Seems that sometimes it gets out of sync when I use Alexa to control the devices instead of the switches, but not all the time. I can ask Alexa to turn the A/C on and the switch turns on, but not all the time. Also if Alexa turns off the light the switch can stay on and after some time the lights turn back on. Im guessing its syncing the lights to the switch and turns it on instead of turning the switch off. Any ideas? Thanks.

I think I have figured out most of it except for the A/C part. My A/C has off and cool, not off and on. My switch has off and on. How can I translate cool to on for this to work?

Error message is:
Error while executing automation automation.synchronize_office_wall_switch_2_to_office_a_c: Unable to find service homeassistant.turn_cool

I can’t find that service in the documentation:

Thats because it doesn’t exist for what I know. I think the automation is looking for cool when it doesn’t exist because the A/C has off and cool as options. Is there a way to add for example, cool = on for the A/C entity on the automation? Thanks.

Well, you should be able to achieve that, but not with this blueprint I guess. You can manually modify the automation, or better, modify a copy without a reference to the blueprint.

Then you can call any service you like, for instance from the climate domain.

Hmm, Seems the lights unsynced again. Any idea why this is happening? Maybe a different solution? Thanks.

So I set this up to synchronize the lights at the top and bottom of my stairs. However, it’s not exactly what I want, as I only really have one switch I want to use and so I really want to unidirectionally “copy” state from one entity (a switch) to another (a receptacle). Also, my receptacle device is slow, and sometime it is slow enough (or maybe it just misses the state change) the old, incorrect state gets copied BACK and the light turns off! It’s also overall slower than I would like. I switched to HA from ST to try and avoid cloud delays, but if anything it’s slower now. I often end up halfway down the stairs before the light at the top (connected to the “controlled” receptacle) turns on.

I realize a blueprint to just “copy” a binary state is actually a pretty trivial (probably I should try to set it up directly as an automation) but it still would be pretty useful to have as a blueprint just to allow for a nicer setup UI.

If it matters both devices are Z-Wave (for now; the light at the top is an addressable LED strip, eventually to be turned into an ambient data display via MQTT probably, but for now I just want to control it by switching power on and off). Anyway, the future extension I have in mind is why I want to do this with an automation rather than Z-wave direct association etc.

Thank you for your solution. I’ve tried this solution and if touching the switch so quick, they are still being flicked repeatedly.