System repair warnings


I’m running HA in supervised mode on a Debian 11 machine and recently started seeing following messages for repairs.


I’ve followed the instructions provided in both links provided in the repair messages.

But the problem does not seem to go away and I may have to run “supervised installer” again.

So my question is, would running supervised installer make the system a clean state or would it retain existing configurations of integrations and devices?


PS: I’ll make a backup but just want to make sure before I leap into it.

Your existing configuration will be retained. A few weeks ago, I also had to re-run the installer to fix Journal and CGroup issues.


Whole topic to help you.

reinstall keeps everything ok. But you need to fix some things possibly too.

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Thanks @123 & @BebeMischa !!

Running step-1,2 & 4 got the job done and everything seems fixed now :sunglasses:

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