System Showing as an Unsupported Instillation. NUC/Ubuntu/Docker

Hi folks,

I am hoping someone can help as I have been searching the site for ages looking for answer to this issue but I can’t even work out exactly what the issue is and I think I have only confused myself more.

Early 2019, I upgraded my set up from a Rasberry Pi to a NUC. I understood very little of what I was doing but thanks to several helpful guides on the net I was able to install Ubuntu, docker, Home Assistant Core and Portainer and I have managed to keep them all up to date and running fine ever since.

A few months ago I noticed that sometimes when I tried to update Home Assistant Core it wouldn’t and I got a message saying system was unhealthy. I did not know what this was but after rebooting the system it would then update with no problem. Recently I have a better understanding of where the issue might be. I noticed this:

When I clicked on learn more I got this:

I’ve read all the links and I am guessing it has something to do with the new OS agent? But then I am at a loss of how I fix that and if that even is the issue.
I also noticed it is showing as unsupported where that was not a problem before I am sure:

How do I fix this issue? I was thinking about uninstalling Home Assistant from docker and then reinstalling but due to my lack of knowledge I have struggled to work out how to uninstall and again I am not sure if that is the right thing to do. Can any one point me in the right direction please; felling a little lost?

The main issue is that you are running supervised on Ubuntu. This has has not been supported for more than a year.
Make a snapshot (now called backup), copy it off your nuc,

Either install Debian 11 :

or install HA OS :

After installation, you can restore your backup (snapshot) and everything will work again.

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Amazing! Thank you! I noticed that it talked about Debian and not Ubuntu and wondered if that was an issue but wasn’t sure if I was misunderstanding something. I looks like a process that will need a bit of time for me to get it right, so I will give it a go at the weekend.

Thank you again for your help.

A 3rd route is to turn your ubuntu (in the NUC box) into a VM server, and then run HA OS inside your VM.
Linux - Home Assistant (

Thank you. That’s great; it gives me another option. :smiley:

So I ended up installing HA OS as I don’t intend to use using my NUC for anything else and it means I have fewer moving parts to look after, which works better for me. Followed instructions and all is back up and working well with no issues now.

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