Tacking Vehicle Presence

I watched a few videos on this and not sure how you configure it for infrastructure mode. My biggest concern around this is no wifi password (anyone can connect) but if it can connect to my house AP, that’s different. The idea of course is it use it as a presence device.

Did anyone managed to get this working? Any example of hassio setup? Is this safe or you need to open the wifi without password for this to work?

Thinking of getting this:

I’m a bit late to the discussion…

Maybe you have solved this to your satisfaction.

I’m interested in implementing CarPresence to open/close my garage door automatically, but I also like the idea of knowing if my car has left (or is it just parked outside the garage/house). I already have a sensor on my ESP8266 based garage door / car presence sensor (Gar-Door Car) device which measures by distance if my car is in the garage. If you use a gps in the car that can report to HA then you would know the car is leaving.

When you turn your car off (car presence disconnects), you could have it parked outside the garage/house for some reason and not be leaving at all. Or your car has been sitting outside the garage/house and you now turn it on; you could be leaving or wanting to put the car in the garage (if you have the garage door controlled via CarPresence and HA it will open, but if you are driving away it will close again).

So how can we use CarPresence esp8266 itself to help determine if the car has left? The idea I have is to add a LSM6DS3 module board to the CarPresence Wemos and have the sketch publish gyro and accelerometer data via MQTT say every 1 second. Forward + (assuming the sensor is orientated facing forward) x or y axis acceleration values (depending on the placed direction of the sensor and assuming it is laying flat in the car) for say 5 seconds can signal you are driving away which can trigger an automation to set the car as away. You would need to test and find how long the forward acceleration values are recorded for and posted to HA as you drive away before disconnect.

Or get the wemos to publish “accelerating” to MQTT if there is forward x or y axis acceleration for say 5 seconds and “not accelerating” if not.

First set car to home in HA and write the automations. Install CarPresence with updated sketch.

Then you can use HA to decide if the car is leaving or coming.

If the car has disconnected and it was “accelerating” for at least say 5 seconds (or whatever time it takes to actually accelerate away from your house before disconnect) - then set car to away.

When the car reconnects, it is coming home - set the car to home (because you know it was previously away).

If the car was in the garage but then parked outside and turned off it is still home (because it was not “accelerating” away). If it has been parked for more than a few minutes and is started up outside the garage, HA will still think it is home. It will only think it is away if the criteria is met with regards to acceleration when it disconnects.

You could combine the acceleration data with the RSSI values - get the sketch to publish the Wifi RSSI values. If the RSSI values were increasing and you have had forward acceleration when the disconnect occurred, the car is leaving.

Maybe I’m getting too complicated.