Tapo H100 Use different sound

Hello Home Assistant Community,

I’m new to Home Assistant and exploring its capabilities with my devices. Currently, I’m trying to understand how to utilize the different ringtones available on my Tapo Hub Siren H100. It lists a variety of sounds such as Doorbell Ring 1, Alarm 1, Dripping Tap, etc., in its attributes, and I’d love to learn how to switch between these options.

As someone who’s looking for easy-to-follow solutions, I prefer methods that are straightforward and don’t involve complex scripting or coding. Could anyone provide some beginner-friendly advice or guide me through a simple process to change these ringtones? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your support and guidance!

Have you tried to add it to below “Custom-Integration” ?

There is a straight forward guide, how to install it manually, or through the HACS, a very common Integration, used for adding 3rd parts cards/integrations to HA

Thank you for the suggestion. I am indeed using the Tapo custom integration from petretiandrea/home-assistant-tapo-p100. It works well for basic controls, but I’m struggling to change the siren’s ringtone on my Tapo H100. I can’t seem to find a way within the integration to switch to any of the other available ringtones listed in the device attributes, differing from the default set in the Tapo app.

Any advice on how to specifically change the ringtone would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

If you have these “visible” in ha, as device-attributes, you can use a template-sensor, or maybe an automation, to “use the attribute”

Thank you for the suggestion! I’m and not yet familiar with using template sensors or automations for device attributes. Could you provide a brief example or guidance on setting this up to change the siren’s ringtone?

Much appreciated!

Not from a pasted picture !, would be easier to understand/know, if you paste your code !

Also, copy/paste the name you your entity and paste in in /Developers-Tools/States

Read below Doc first, about pasting code etc.

How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

PS: you might even be able to create an input-select.helper, in the UI, where you can “choose” which attributes/ring-tone to use

One way or the other, you eventually have to “look” in your “local” pages, of i.e Developer-Tools, /Settings /Automations etc. this would be a perfect opportunity, as a last-year-exercise

Thank you for your guidance. I’ve resolved the issue.

In the automation settings, I overlooked the option to specify the attribute type.

Following your suggestion, I checked in the Developer Tools section and was able to paste the correct ringtone code that I wanted to use. Everything is working as expected now.

Thank you for all your help!

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Great to here, next step would be to create and add your own crazy-loud scaring tune ! :smile:

Of course!! Thank you so much